Why a Videocast May Be Just What Your Company Needs

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There are many opportunities for businesses and organizations to thrive in the current economic landscape. However, instead of just doing things the way that they have always been done in the past, it is far more important to figure out how you can get ahead in the future. Some of the smartest organizations have made tremendous success stories out of just being more efficient than others, and so long as you are prepared to think smarter with respect to your operations and find small gains and minor efficiencies, then you can start to work on coming out with more instead of less for the very same effort. Consider a few of the following methods for why videocasting could be the answer to your organization.

Transparency Is Important

Even though the hot topic issue of a decade ago was the open door policy, you have to really understand what that means before you can accomplish anything of substance with it. Corporations that want to attract some of the best talent in the industry will do so in order to have some of the best workers and therefore the optimal output for their organization. However, the best workers already understand they are a hot commodity and they want to be treated as such. By having a stuffy office environment from years ago, you will only attract the types of candidates who are going to keep the old guard mentality in play or you will bring in younger minds only to see them leave for better opportunities and greener pastures when you get them up to speed. According to CIO, you can definitely see how younger millennials want to shake up the workforce when it comes to communication.

The younger generation may be completely capable of making differences in your company from the very first day that they are in the workplace. However, you will also need to figure out how you can communicate with them. For a generation that was raised on constant communication, it only makes sense to see that same type of constant communication implemented into the normal day to day operations with something like video conferencing.

Adopting New Trends

Any organization that wants to stay around for the long haul needs to embrace change. There are too many companies that have gone bankrupt and belly-up because they thought they were impervious to change. That is why when you think about one of the most efficient ways for any organization to be able to get ahead, they simply need to do minor things to keep up with the times as they move forward. For example, the power of corporate videocasting by the BlueJeans Network is just one minor technology that should be adopted, but when you consider all of the functions it can help your organization with for years and

bluejeans-live-videocast_lg-live_2years at a time, then you will be able to see why so many companies are trying to get younger and to think younger in order to minimize their archaic ways of conducting business.

While some parts of the organization simply cannot change and some central themes of any business do need to be rooted in older methodology, there are more than enough opportunities for even the most primitive businesses to be able to find simple efficiencies in how they conduct business on a daily basis.

Get Leaner Faster

Organizations are starting to feel a crunch in today’s corporate landscape that is completely and entirely about becoming lean. And, while almost every organization is trying to become leaner by the day, there are some companies that are truly embracing the idea. By being able to do more with less, the company is not only minimizing the very costs and expenses that they used to be able to live off of, but they are also able to do more because the budget will go that much farther as well. As highlighted by INC., you can see how easy it is to get lean as well as the benefits of it.

Consider the actual amount of time that an organization has to play with in a given day from an operational point of view, and you will be able to find one of your lowest hanging fruit possible. Instead of just having the chance to trim the monetary budget, if you can find a way to save your employees time, then you are paying them the same money to get more accomplished, in the worst case scenario, and you are spending less overall when you consider the savings on supplies, materials, and equipment instead of just the saved down time, in the best case scenario.

Operations will continue to find ways to get ahead, but you have to be intelligent enough to know how you can do so efficiently. Anyone can make progress, but the businesses that will thrive will be the ones which are fully able to utilize technology and leverage it to grow their operations.

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