5 Reasons For Migrating Your Business IT To The Cloud In 2017

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Are you making use of the cloud yet for your business? If not, why not? The simple truth is that all types of services are slowly moving towards cloud technology, and you just have to go with the times. So, if you are still using on-premise technology, perhaps it is time to embrace the cloud during 2017. Here are five brilliant reasons for doing so.

It saves time

The chances are that your company is not running a data center and you probably aren’t an IT infrastructure business. But you still use a lot of technology – as the vast majority of modern businesses do. The benefit of using the cloud is simple – you won’t need people on site to look after any of the technology you use. All of it is managed, hosted, and maintained by the SaaS company you buy from. That means less spent on wages, time, and an improvement on your bottom line.

Everyone’s doing it

As Earth & Sky, Inc. point out, the traditional, perpetual licenses that you need for buying software are starting to become a thing of the past. Even the likes of Microsoft are beginning to turn to the cloud and will start to push out their Enterprise Advantage plans to business customers this year, allowing them to mix and match various services like Office 365 and Azure. As a business owner, you have to be aware that the software landscape is only going one way these days – and that is up, to the cloud.

You can adapt to change

Where is your business right now, and where will it be in 12 months time? With traditional systems, there is no room for growth. You either have to buy big at first and hope you justify the vast expense, or you get surprised after growing too big for your current systems, which need to be replaced. Cloud services are agiler than traditional services, in that you only pay for what you need. So, over the course of a year, you can increase or decrease your service plans as and when you need to, giving you a lot more flexibility than you have before.

There is reduced risk

As we mentioned above, cloud services are all run and maintained by the provider, not the customer. So, you will be amongst hundreds – perhaps thousands – of other clients who use the same service, and expect the highest level of best practice. And in the vast majority of cases, that’s what you will get – expertise in the product, automated backups and updates, and even built-in redundancies.

It’s cheap

Choosing the right cloud services is far more cost-effective than installing and running your own IT system. Consider the costs of using an on-premise product. You pay for the license, but this is often less than 10 percent of your total spend., The rest of your expenses go on things like hardware, implementation, personnel, maintenance and training. With the cloud, many of these costs are removed. Sure, your subscription fee might mean you pay a little more for your license, but that includes almost everything else. Savvy companies know that the cloud is a far cheaper option than using on-premises alternatives. We suggest that should be your driver for moving to the cloud during 2017.

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