Quick, My Business Needs A Customer Experience Upgrade

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When it comes to poor customer experiences, businesses make every excuse in the book. They think that there isn’t enough time in the day to “go above and beyond” for every customer and so they aim for a service that is “good enough.”

But businesses who adopt this attitude are screwing themselves over. First, it’s a myth that it takes loads of time to create an amazing customer experience. And second, their competitors probably are going above and beyond, meaning that they are losing business fast.

Not to worry, here are some quick tips to get your customer experience back on track.

Personalize Your Packaging

There’s a pizza shop called Toppers that’s currently making a big impact, especially in the pizza world. What’s so interesting about the company is the fact that it’s not famous for its pizza per se, but rather the packaging that they come in. Toppers is experimenting with adding personalized messages on its packaging for its customers.

Toppers hope that the messages that they include to their customers will help them see how much their business is appreciated. It’s far more personal than getting a generic pizza box with a receipt stapled to the lid.

Give Away Free Stuff

As warm-blooded mammals, we love it when we get something for nothing. In fact, that desire for free stuff is hard-wired into our brains.

Companies who exploit this do well, but there’s a big different between giving away useless trinkets a la Happy Meal, and giving customers something that they really want and can use.

Take Mailchimp, for instance. It offers customers free guides on how to build a fantastic email marketing campaign. Then there’s Clarity, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, which launched its startup guide.

Fix Your Payment System

The world in which people just pay for stuff using one or two methods of payment is well behind us. Now there are dozens of apps out there, not to mention platforms, that all have their own unique payment methods. Nothing is more annoying for customers than not being able to use the payment method of their choice when they turn up at your business.

As a result, it’s a good idea to get an NFC credit card reader that can take alternative types of payments from apps as well as Paypal.

Offer Phone Consulting

As services become more digitized, they can sometimes become harder to understand. Accounting software company Freshbooks realized that its users were having trouble successfully navigating its product. As a result, it launched its own consulting line so that it could answer customer questions in real time. It advertises its number at the top of its site and encourages anybody with questions to give them a call.

Those who sign up to Freshbooks get an email. This email is personalized and gives the customer their own contact at Freshbooks HQ. This helps them to feel welcomed into the Freshbooks community and gives them somebody they can talk to if they run into problems. Freshbooks also offers support to help businesses reach business goals.

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