Cloud Services That No Business Should Be Without

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Cloud solutions have become all the rage lately in almost every business. There are numerous advantages that a cloud solution can offer your business, and it’s not limited to saving money either. You could increase productivity, reduce learning times and even reach more customers with cloud services. To whet your appetite for the advantages that switching to cloud services could give, here are some of the best uses that your business could apply today.

Virtual Servers

Many business owners (unless they’re tech-savvy) won’t understand what a virtual server is used for until they consult a professional or a guide such as this one. Virtual servers are used for a variety of different reasons, but they’re commonly used to host websites where you need absolute control over everything.

For example, a vps should be used for eCommerce services when you need to buy and sell items on your website. Instead of relying on third party tools, your team of experienced computer programmers and web designers can create their own tools that are tailoring made to your specification, and you won’t need to pay the third party any money for using their services.

This is different to a server hosted on your own premises because it’s safe from accidents, and VPS companies are usually extremely secure and very hard for hackers to fiddle with.

Cloud Storage

Storage devices are cheaper than ever before, but they’re also taking up a lot of space. Large server racks require dedicated rooms where the temperature is maintained so that the hardware doesn’t encounter any issues. With such a large space requirement and a tendency to break (or the need to hire a technician to fix it every few months), it’s better for small startups to utilize cloud storage instead.

Cloud storage allows you to store any documents you have on a distant server. Files are uploaded using your internet connection so you’ll need to have a fairly fast connection if you plan to upload large documents such as video files or very large image works. While some people are worried about security, most cloud storage servers fragment their data across several hard drives so it’s virtually impossible for a hacker to access your data unless they have your username and password. But even in that situation, there are several layers of security that make it extremely difficult for a hacker to destroy your business.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it’s a phone that uses the internet rather than a hardline. You can use services such as Skype to keep in touch with clients, employees and customers without asking them to call your phone number. It’s extremely convenient, it costs less than typical phone lines, and you won’t be wasting time by putting your clients and customers on hold.

VoIP is also a great way for your employees to keep in touch with each other at different ends of the office, or if one of your staff members is outside of the office and needs to keep in touch with employees that are in the office to collaborate on a project.

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