How to Avoid IT Problems That Could Destroy Your Business

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As much as we love to rely on technology for our businesses, it can become extremely vulnerable under certain circumstances. For example, your phone can be used as a private login method for various online applications and websites, but if you were to lose your phone then your entire security network could be compromised. It’s convenient for most users, but extremely disruptive if the phone was to be stolen or broken.

Even worse, there are hundreds of security concerns, hardware failure issues and networking troubles that will ruin your business. To help you avoid these pitfalls and keep your business going strong, here’s some advice.

Use cloud storage to prevent loss of data

A serious business will always use an expertly engineered network with storage devices with plenty of redundancy systems in place. This means that data is held in various places on the hard drive so that if it were to fail, the system could easily piece together the fragmented data and recover it despite a hardware failure. Unfortunately, this does you no good if the entire server fails due to an accident or natural disaster.

To compensate for these types of errors, it’s possible to connect your data to cloud storage services that don’t require physical hardware. With the help of some IT Support and a fast internet connection, it’s possible to keep your data stored on distant servers to keep your information safe and secure in the event of a loss of data.

Network security and antivirus software

Large corporations and small businesses alike are subject to some nasty network attacks that can either completely deny customers to your services, or steal information such as passwords, phone numbers and emails. Coordinated attacks are usually reserved for big brand names such as Sony and Apple, but that doesn’t mean that hackers will let your business go untouched. Small businesses are ideal targets for hackers to train their skills and steal customer information to be sold or used for malicious purposes.

The best counter is to hire a professional to install industry-grade firewall and antivirus software. A firewall acts as a protective cover that surrounds your connection, guarding you against most amateur attacks. It can be broken by expert hackers, but they would have to be very dedicated. Antivirus software can scan and prevent malicious programs being executed on your network, but they need to be constantly upgraded to detect new viruses and malware.

Insufficient power protection

A single power surge or outage can trigger catastrophic damage to all of your computer systems if you don’t take necessary precautions to ensure your office is getting sufficient power protection. A power outage at a bad time could make your company lose hours of work.

The best way to prevent electrical damage is to install surge protection devices. These can be professionally installed to handle the power load that is required by an office. To prevent power outages affecting your work, make sure you install a backup power solution that can keep your devices on for at least an hour so that your employees have enough time to save their work.

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