Did some yard sale shopping for eBay Last Weekend

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Last weekend I set out early on Saturday morning to hit a couple yard sales in the area and see if I couldn’t find some good buys to be put up on eBay or Amazon. Well, I didn’t have much luck. I only picked up a few books, a game, and a few beanie babies. So, I am hoping the few items that I did get will at least bring me in some money to put more gas in my Jeep.

When I go to yard sales or thrift stores to search for eBay or Amazon items, I usually focus more on books and DVDs. My reasoning for this is because I know I can sell them and I know that if they are not “worth it as a single item” they could be sold in a lot of similar items (a lot of dvds or a lot of books on the same topic).

But I am curious if you guys ever head out to the yard sales and see what you may be able to find? Withing planning for a wedding and also moving in with my Fiance soon, I have been thinking about them more lately as a great way to find deals on things we will need like furniture.

Anyway, just a quick post today about yard sales. Our community is having one this coming weekend and I am going to set up to try to unload some left of products from Valentine’s Day as well as some other stuff for my parents!

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