Know Your Enemy: Keep Your Operation Safe With This Advice

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All student business owners will need to work hard to ensure the safety and security of their companies. That is because there are lots of people out there who want to cause trouble. Hackers from this country and others around the world would love to gain access to your systems. If they achieve that goal, your firm could receive a lot of bad press. That is especially the case if the criminals manage to steal personal details and payment information. While you didn’t commit the crime, your brand will often seem responsible. That is the view most people will take because they feel you didn’t take security seriously enough. With that in mind, the ideas and suggestions below should ensure you leave no stone unturned. So, put them into practice and ensure your operation is as safe as possible. At the end of the day, you could forfeit your chance of becoming successful if you get this wrong.

Use secure passwords

The first step you need to take might sound obvious. However, it’s one that many bosses overlook because they make assumptions. Firstly, you can’t assume that your employees understand how to create a secure password. Some of them believe that using a pet’s name or something similar will suffice. That might work just fine on their home computers. Still, you need better protection at work. All passwords on your system need to contain random numbers and letters. You should aim to use a mixture of the two to secure your network as much as possible. Hackers will often create programs to break into your computers that use word lists. So, if your passwords contain common words or phrases, the criminals will break into your system in a matter of seconds. Use your head.

Purchase physical firewalls

Lots of people don’t realize this, but you can buy firewall hardware these days. Much like firewall software, the device is designed to identify and block unwanted connections. The only difference is the hardware sits between your router and the phone line. So, it should stop criminals before they reach your network. There are many different products available at the moment, and so you just need to perform some research. Make sure you read online reviews from other business owners before making an investment in those items. Some brands are better than others, and you shouldn’t spare any expense. Those devices should stop anyone gaining access to your computers in nine out of ten instances. So, you’ll go a long way towards securing your network.

Use the latest security software

Hardware is vital, but you also need to take advantage of the latest software too. We’re not going to make recommendations in this post because the market changes every day. You just need to make sure you get the best security software your money can afford. That includes antivirus packages, malware detectors, and more. Just search online for the best security tools available right now. Read about them, and make your purchase as soon as possible. You might like to hire an expert to manage the installation on your system. That is because you don’t want to get anything wrong that could reduce your protection. In most instances, the process will take no longer than a couple of hours. Still, it’s best to do it on the weekend, so you don’t cause disturbance to your operation.

Store important documents in the cloud

You will have heard a lot about cloud storage in recent times. That is because every responsible business owner now takes advantage of that trend. The benefits of keeping your most vital files in the cloud are obvious. For instance, you will use some of the strongest security measures in the world. That means it’s almost impossible for hackers to gain access. Also, you can retrieve those documents at any time you like. Maybe you’re traveling around the country for meetings? Perhaps you leave some critical figures at the office. Well, that’s no longer an issue when you can get into your cloud account in seconds. All you need is a WiFi connection and a laptop. Of course, you need to keep your passwords safe. If hackers get hold of those, you have no protection at all.

Create a disaster recovery plan

Sometimes you have to think ahead to ensure you cover all the bases. So, what do you do if your network does become compromised? What do you do if hackers manage to get in and steal lots of crucial information? Well, you need to create a disaster recovery plan. That could mean shutting down your computers and waiting for expert assistance to arrive. If you’d prefer to leave the job to specialists, there is no time to delay. You need to get in touch with companies that work in that niche today. Recovering from a hacking attack is much easier if you create your plan ahead of time. With a bit of luck, any firm operating in that area will handle all the hard work on your behalf. You just might have to arrange a couple of meetings so you can discuss the ins and outs of the process.

Don’t allow workers to access personal accounts at work

Your employees are often the most dangerous part of your business. It’s their actions that could attract the attention of hackers and leave your company in trouble. For that reason, you need to educate your team about the risks they might take. Explain to them that you’re not unfair by stopping them from using personal accounts. If a staff member logs into their email or Facebook from your computers, they could expose you to criminals. That is especially the case if they click any dodgy URL links. So, you need a blanket rule that says nobody is allowed to use your computers for personal communications. Tell your team to use their smartphones if they’re desperate to keep up with social media. It’s much better than risking your network.

Encrypt all your communications

Sometimes you might have long email conversations with clients or customers. Those messages might contain sensitive information that criminals could use. So, you need to make sure it’s impossible for them to view the correspondence. Thankfully, there are many ways you can make that happen. Encryption tools and services are everywhere these days, and they tend to work well. That software ensures the sender and receiver are the only people who can view the emails. Even if a hacker manages to intercept the messages, they won’t manage to decipher them. You should also do the same thing with in-house emails you might send to your employees. The last thing you want is someone reading your communications.

Pay for expert security assessments

If you still have concerns, you need to get in touch with online security experts. Let them know about your situation and ask for their assistance. In most cases, they will come to your place of business every couple of months to perform assessments. They ask your staff questions, and they’ll take an in-depth look at your network. They should manage to identify any vulnerabilities and highlight them to you. They will then create a plan of action that solves the problems. Of course, those services don’t always become cheap. However, they’re essential if you want peace of mind. At the end of the day, no boss wants to arrive at work in the morning to discover there has been an overnight breach. You could end up annoying lots of customers and lose lots of money if you’re not careful.


We all want to save trees and do our bit to help the environment. However, as a business owner, you still need to print every important document. That is because you could lose access to your system. You might discover that hackers have stolen everything and locked you out. Your business could crumble in a matter of days if you can’t access customer files and information. The same goes for your business accounts and anything else critical to your operation. If you print everything and store it in a safe place, at least you can get physical copies. In most instances, it’s sensible to keep one copy at your workplace, and another somewhere secure. That means you’re covered if someone decides to burgle your premises too.

With a bit of luck, the tips and information on this page should have pointed you in the right direction. If you don’t take these issues seriously, you’ll kick yourself when something goes wrong. It’s no use thinking these things won’t happen to your company. Research shows hackers don’t often have patterns to their attacks. They don’t go after particular industries or professions. Those criminals are happy to make their money in the easiest manner possible. That often means they look for businesses that don’t take security seriously. With that in mind, you should make sure you’re not trailing behind the pack. That is when they’ll pick you off and cause lots of trouble for your operation. Be smart!

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