List of 6 Ways to Make Money In College and Avoid Being Broke!

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I have written before about different business ideas that you could start while in college, and thought that I would post about some more ways to make money in college. So, here is a nice quick list with some different tips on ways to make money while you are in college. The stereotype that most college students are poor broke is still true and will continue to be true in the future, so take some extra time to get yourself set up to be MAKING MONEY in college instead of SPENDING MONEY.

  1. Tutoring Other Students – many campuses having a tutoring center or similar place where students can become tutors for different subjects. I would imagine that most of these offices/departments pay for the time and service of the student; however, it may not be much (probably minimum wage). So, if you can not get into one of these centers as a student tutor, take it upon yourself to find your own source of students. Just post up some flyers within your residence hall and let people know you are offering study help/tutoring in whatever subjects you are good at – obviously harder subjects are better here such as Economics, Molecular Biology, Accounting, Physics, etc rather than English 101. Charge your friends or other students say $10-$20 a session and if they make the grade that they wanted/needed on a test, it is likely they will come back to you again, but they will also tell their friends and other students who are not doing well in the class!
  2. Work On Campus – besides tutoring centers, campuses offer a TON of jobs to students. Student employment on many campuses is easily more than a couple hundred students. Just about any department or office on your campus probably has a student worker. Some of these students may be working for the experience or credit, some may be working for a regular hourly rate, or some may be working on a work study basis in an effort to reduce their tuition. Start looking around your campus for places that are hiring; the Department of Student Activities or similar office would be a good place to start looking. Departments/Offices such as the Dining Halls, Student Centers, Facility Operations, Campus Recreation, and others are always looking for more student workers. Even though the pay is usually low, most likely minimum wage or the least the university can get away with paying you, every little bit helps. I have some friends who work 2 or 3 or even 4 DIFFERENT jobs ON CAMPUS and make an extra $300-$500 a month. Not too shabby!
  3. Work Off Campus – this may not be the best option for many students because of having to travel to a job, but if there is something close such as a retail store or restaurant to your campus, you could easily walk there and get a job. The benefit to working OFF CAMPUS is that you are more likely to get paid higher and be able to work more hours. This means that you will then be making MORE money than if you were working on campus. Check out what the local businesses have to offer and I am sure you can find one that is looking to hire. Here is a tip: Most businesses in college towns rely on college students to be their employees during the school year. So, come back to school a week early if you can and start talking to the different businesses to see who is hiring. If you can get back before the rest of the students, you will have a better selection of open jobs and then can be a little more picky about what you spend your time doing!
  4. Late Night Sober Rides – I know I have mentioned it before, but it is such a great idea that could easily make you a bunch of money, it is worth mentioning AGAIN and AGAIN! If you are not much of a drinker but like to party with your friends, this is a perfect money maker for you. Offer to be the designated driver for your friends in exchange for gas money, say just a $1 or $2 per person for the weekend. Give a couple rides to the bar or frat party and then back home – and since you would have been going to the party anyway, you are starting to make some money for driving your friends. Now, find an organization like a fraternity or sorority that could use a continuous sober driver on the weekends. Charge a flat rate per organization or per person and drive people anywhere they want to go within 5 miles of the campus – this will usually get you to some fast food place or convenience store for late night munchies if they wanted. Continue the service for a whole semester and you’ve all the sudden made some pretty decent change for partying with your friends and staying sober (don’t for get that point, you need to be the one who stays sober, that is why it works well if you are not much of a drinker or don’t like to drink alcohol in the first place). Paying someone a couple bucks for a sober and safe ride is better the drinking and driving or even drinking and then walking home. Watch out for the cops!
  5. Gambling – Like to play cards? Are you good at Poker? Than this is a great way for you to pick up some extra money. Start playing regularly with your friends and betting small amounts of money, only a couple bucks here and there. As you continue to play week after week, start inviting other people into your game and start to increase the buy ins and betting structure. If you are good enough, you could start walking away with some kids trust fund that his parents set up for him week after week. After a while you will get bored of playing with the same people, so start looking for other games going on or bigger action. Can’t find anyone to bet with on campus? Nothing off campus? Take to the internet and check out some poker sites.
  6. Join Survey Sites – take a look around for different websites that pay you to fill out surveys and take questionnaires. There are TONS of these types of sites out there, but the one that I recommend the most and have had the best success with is CashCrate. I should be getting another payment from them soon at which point I’ll talk more about it, but they have some great opportunities to provide you with some extra money in your pocket! Spend some time each day or night filling in a few surveys and your money will quickly add up!

So there are 6 other ways that you can make money while in college and avoid being the person who has no money and is stuck eating Ramen noodles for 2 weeks straight until his parents send him some more money. One recommendation I will make is to not start a business. OH NO! DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT? You better your ass I did…I made the recommendation to not start a business – instead, start a hobby which makes you money. Confused? Look out for a post to come soon about this very topic!


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