I Am Selling My Motivation – Need Some? Find it on eBay!

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Random I know, but I am selling off some of my motivation, and I know you need some! Basically, I have some different posters/prints that I purchased when I moved out of the dorm room and into my apartment to hang on the wall to get my inspired.

Well, now that I am graduating college and moving home in a couple weeks, I wanted to sell off some of the stuff I have around the apartment. I started doing some searching on eBay and there are some other people out there selling these similar motivational/inspiration prints and thought I would throw some of mine up there too.

They are basic 8 by 10 inch prints. They come with a piece of cardboard behind them to keep them flat and safe. You can even opt in to getting a black wooden frame to go with it!

Anyway, they are up on eBay for pretty cheap and reasonable. Check them out if your interested in getting some motivation! I have about 10 of these but have only put up 4 of them so far.

Command: The power to impress – the design to conquer & the ability to command respect.

Group Effort: It is the ability to work together which determines success.

Authority: It is the strongest who prevail.

Success: Success is not happiness – happiness is the key to success.

Drop me a line if you are interested in any or all of them or seeing the others that I have! I’ll update this post later this weekend when I get them all on eBay!

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