Update 4.27.07

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I know the past few weeks have not had any action here at Dorm Room Biz, so I just wanted to take a second and give an update on what has been keeping me from posting.

1. Final Exams Next Week

The semester has been winding down here at Radford, so that means professors like to load on the projects and tests to try and finish up all of the material that they were supposed to have been teaching. I had two large projects due this past week, one of which was a full business plan. I will probably be posting it as a resource when I get a grade back and have a chance to make some corrections to it to make it better. Plus I have final exams this coming week for 4 of my classes, so posting will be scarce until at least Thursday May 3rd.

2. Virginia Tech Tragedy
I am sure you all watch the news and know what happened at Virginia Tech on April 16th with it being the largest school shooting in the history of the US. Well VT is only about 15 minutes down the road and I have a lot of friends that go there. Luckily everyone I know was alright, but many of them knew some of those who were killed. So, it was a rough week all around. It was scary to know that the shooting took place only 15 minutes away and not knowing what may happen here at Radford. It was a very sad week here in Southwest Virginia and we all at Radford and Virginia Tech appreciate the support the everyone around the nation provided to our region.

3. Quadfest
Quadfest is basically a huge block party that runs through the residential streets surrounding our campus on both sides. It used to be a school sponsored event where they would bring bands to campus and have all sorts of activities on campus. Then students stopped going to that and instead just partied all weekend long starting with Thursday night and rolling into Sunday night. So the school stopped sponsoring it and it has been just a huge party every year. That was last week, so needless to say, I was hanging out with friends and enjoying the sunny 80 degree weather we had that weekend!

4. Death of a Friend

I know lots of tragedy and death, right? I guess it’s a fact of life. A friend of mine, not someone who I was really close with, but worked with and knew, passed away yesterday. This past Saturday he had a really bad skateboarding accident and crashed and basically cracked his skull open after doing some flips in the air and hitting the ground. He was in the hospital all week and in a drug induced coma. He had an MRI on Thursday morning and there was no brain activity after having increasing brain pressure all week. So his parents made the very tough decision to wean him off the chemicals that had him in the coma so that he could pass semi peacefully and so that they would be able to donate his organs. There has been an outpouring of support from friends all around campus for himself and his family. Its another sad week. Rest in peace Matt Hale, know that everyone is praying for your family and that you will never be forgotten.

I think that’s about it. Those are the major things that have been holding me back from posting lately. I accepted an internship for the summer so I will be working full time, but I should also have the opportunity to blog a lot more, probably on a daily basis.

Keep driving towards success and you will reach it. Remember that with every mountain we conquer there is another one waiting to be climbed!

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  1. Emily June 13, 2007 at 11:46 am #

    I was a very close friend of Matt’s and I suggest getting all of your facts correct. We all miss him terribly.

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