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Mad Men and Women – The New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Figures from Statistics Canada showed an overall rise of those in work by 17,500 last December.  In fact, the number of people in employment fell by 13,600; the rise was only due to those choosing self-employment – 31,000 of them.  Choosing may not be entirely the right word here, as a “choice” usually means two […]

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5 Entrepreneurial Ventures for First-time College Entrepreneurs: By Major

Let’s face it; if you want to start a business, you need money. And money isn’t something abundantly available to college kids, known for their propensity to live off of Ramen Noodles and drink bottom-of-the-barrel beer at frat parties. So, if you want to be a college entrepreneur, but lack funds, here are some first-time […]

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Pinterest: How to Conquer the latest Social Media Craze

Pinterest is the up-and-coming social media networking site that, throughout 2011, confounded expectations and steadily grew into a minor sensation. And it is still growing. It has already done enough to concern Facebook’s upper echelons – they have deemed it necessary for their site to enforce a scrolling “Timeline” to each user’s wall. It is […]

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Buying An Investment Property in 2012

Buying an investment property in 2012 requires significant knowledge to obtain the best deal. The financial commitment related to maintaining an investment property is slightly different from a primary property. Building insurance, taxes and other details must be considered when planning to purchase an investment property. Mortgage brokers are recommended to teach investors the process. […]

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Start your company in Hong Kong

At this time of recession, it’s ironic that three of the fastest growing money-makers are people starting up their own online businesses, writing e-books, and online blogging. People always say everyone has got a book in them – and this may be the case. Nowadays it seems that everyone has got a business in them […]

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