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Small Business Financing: Credit Card Swipe or Not?

Starting your own business is the American dream, but financing that dream is a daunting task for many. Investors and banks don’t always give an unproven startup the time of day. Instead of getting declined for small business loans and turned down by investors, consider using credit card financing for your small business. The interest […]

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How to Start a Business With $20

  Starting a business with little upfront investment requires that you bypass ‘fixed costs’. Fixed Costs are things we need to buy in order to do business, even before we get the business rolling. For a farmer, fixed costs will be his tractor. Landscaper’s will have fixed costs in the form of equipment like lawnmowers. […]

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Helpful Guidelines for Managing a Catering Business Successfully

Managing a catering business is challenging. You need to give your personal touch to everything in order to make sure that the food will pass the expectations of the client. You should have a background in culinary and people management in order to effectively do your job. This article will be discussing the different ideas […]

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Building Your Dorm Room Business Early

College students are filled with business ideas. There are several inspiring examples of innovative businesses that started off in college. Students hesitate to get their business plans going due to the requirement of a large financial investment. However, there are various ways of getting started without requiring a large sum initially. Here are a few […]

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