3 Hot Niches To Target In 2016

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There are all kinds of factors which can hold back budding entrepreneurs. A lack of motivation, funding, and the fear of failure are among the most common obstacles which stand in the way of progress. One of the biggest issues stems from wanting to run a business, but having no idea of what kind of venture it should be. Here are some of the hottest niches to target right now.

First of all, virtual reality. This is one of the biggest technological niches currently being talked about, and even though it’s in its nascent stages, there’s certainly a lot of money in the industry! Facebook spent a whopping $2billion on their Oculus Rift project back in 2014, and Sony are making huge strides with their own VR headset to be used with PS4s. Even Google has taken steps to make VR cheap and accessible through their Cardboard headset. While the actual headset niche may be near inaccessible, you can still get your foot in the door and ride the VR explosion that’s on the horizon. As I write developers, designers and so on are working on games and apps that can be used with this exciting technology. Visit http://www.roadtovr.com/ for news and updates about VR gaming.

Next, cloud computing. It’s not every day that a totally new technology niche pops up and is immediately jumped on by every business in the world! Since it was first released, the cloud has completely changed the way that businesses and organisations store and manage their data. This tech has bolstered productivity, saved money, and made cyber security airtight within far too many companies to list here. You may not have seen yourself entering the B2B sector, but this is one niche that isn’t going to disappear soon! The demand for cloud tech is so high, we’re starting to see many emerging platforms like this: https://us.interworks.cloud/msp/ . These services make it easier than ever to get a cloud business off the ground. Everyone’s unsure about the future of cloud tech, so get a hold on it while the demand is so healthy!

Finally, sustainable raw materials. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the international green lobby is now extremely strong. Governments around the world are setting initiatives to make their countries greener, and in turn businesses are trying to get closer to their target audience by flaunting how eco-friendly they are. Naturally, this has driven up the demand for sustainable commodities. One of the biggest niches is green building materials. This green consumer interest has had a massive impact on the construction industry, and these days building materials that come from renewable sources are extremely popular. The nature of these resources can make the supply chain a little slow or erratic, but the profits you stand to gain are well worth the challenges!

There you have some of the hottest business niches to target in 2016. Even if none of these are right for you, I hope this post has given you some more inspiration for yur venture.

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