Hit The Books! Making Your Workforce Smarter

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Trying to find the latest way to make your workforce smarter (without having to resort to implanting everyone with microchips) is a challenge that even the most low-level entrepreneur will find difficult in the modern world. It’s hard work for an entrepreneur to get the right level of staff engagement, let alone increase their productivity, and while many leaders try to engage their staff with financial incentives what can we do to make our staff work smarter rather than harder?

Provide An Easy Access Platform

There are so many useful techniques and skills courses online such as www.ServiceSkills.com that helps to improve customer engagement as well as presenting information in easy to digest chunks, which is more important now as the amount of time everybody has is a lot more limited. A lot of businesses are jumping on the E-Learning bandwagon because of this reason, so there’s a way to build up things like soft skills it’s definitely one of the more fruitful methods to getting your team to work smart.

Turnover Ownership To The Employees

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to learning anymore, and with the question of how people retain information now, you need to hand the reins over to your employees so they can structure their own learning methods. It’s a hard thing to get right, but the program needs to be customized for each individual employee but also needs to be transferable over the whole business without it exceeding in cost.

Never Underestimate A Workshop

Workshops are seldom used due to cost within a start-up company now. But the amount of information that can be communicated through a two-hour workshop session may be worth the price tag alone, and there are plenty of external companies like www.BlueprintForBusiness.org who work with companies on this matter. By workshopping scenarios, you are getting your staff to interact with the learning materials rather than the old-fashioned method of sitting down and having to learn material by rote, which does not engage your brain.

The Importance Of Coaching

Expanding further on the topic of interacting with the source material, if each staff member had a coach who is experienced in the industry go through every facet it would be very beneficial. But, of course, this isn’t a feasible option so trying to find the right balance is difficult. However, if you can incentivize managers to coach your employees for a short period of time every week, this will succeed in two ways. In addition to the transferring of skills, it’s also building up more positive communication within the team towards the line manager.

Keep Updating

It’s important to remember that while we can learn knowledge and skills up to a point, with the constant change in technology, it means that skills can become obsolete quickly, quite possibly within a matter of months! So instead of developing one core learning program, you may wish to develop a continual learning campaign to keep your staff up to date by teaching the appropriate skills quickly. You would then move on quickly to the next skill rather than spending months on one topic, which may be irrelevant this time next year.

Teaching your staff the skill of being smart is incredibly subjective approach and can be dependent on the work culture as well as the skills of the people within it. It’s not a quick fix but you need to start the ball rolling now.

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