Liquid Boss Launches To Help You Take Your E-Commerce Business Live

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You read it right, another eCommerce website builder just recently launched called Liquid Boss. Developed by the company Nabinti, the service & feature list does offer some good options that the competition doesn’t.

Every young entrepreneur now a days is launching some sort of internet business…or at least those that want to work from home or their dorm room. Those that are still out there hustling by painting fences, walking dogs, and doing whatever else is necessary, our hat’s off to you! For those launching internet businesses, we all know that eCommerce is a HUGE opportunity right now. As people’s budgets have been shrinking to buy goods, they are searching for the best prices they can find and that involves searching the internet, not just hitting the local brick and mortar businesses. Liquid Boss can help you quickly and easily get your eCommerce business up and running.

WHAT IS LIQUID BOSS?Liquid-Boss-Online-Store

Liquid Boss, basically, is an eCommerce platform. That means you can sign up for an account with them and immediately start building your website to sell products on. They provide all the tools and backend systems to get a storefront live and able for your family and friends to check out. Liquid Boss is currently offering 3 different package options with a nice variety of standard features that you may not find in some of the competition.


That’s right, just like pretty much any other web based service, Liquid Boss offers 3 different package options for customers. A Starter ($29/month), Advanced ($78/Month), and unlimited ($159/month).

Each package has a base set of features which we will get into a little more in a bit but some of those include a FREE set up…that’s right $0 to get started. Then extra store features like gift cards, PayPal integration, inventory management, and shipping calculations are all included.


Comparing the prices to some of the main competition or most popular platforms out there for ecommerce websites, the prices are in line with what you would paid elsewhere. So really, if you are trying to decide what service to go with, it comes down the features.


Some of the competition are great, let’s face it. They have been around longer, have bigger support communities, and more people creating apps and plugins to work with their software. But their base plans might not be as feature rich as that of Liquid Boss. Liquid Boss offers Gift Cards, PayPal Integration, Inventory Management, Shipping configuration, Content Management, and Sales Tax calculations all in the starter plan. If you look at a company like Shopify, shipping configurations (shipping calculated by weight) is not even available with the basic package…such a basic & necessary feature, yet they box you into either using flat rate shipping or upgrading/buying an extra app.

Initially, the issue I had with Liquid Boss was that the packages limit the number of products you could have. The Starter package limited the user to only 25 products! Crazy, right? After talking some with Liquid Boss, they realized the need to change that limitation and listened to my feedback. Now, each package has unlimited products included. Pretty nice, right? I thought so and it was great that a company listened to my feedback and made a change based on it.

You can see the full list of features compared by package in the above graphic or on the Liquid Boss website.


As an added bonus, Nabinti will be running a contest for the merchant (store owner) that sells the most product online using the liquid Boss platform. Every person that creates their own LiquidBoss Store will be entered into the contest automatically. The winner will be chosen at the end of October 31st and will receive $1,000 USD.


If you are looking for a way to make an extra income from the internet in your spare time for a very low cost, ecommerce is certainly one of the best ways to go. Liquid Boss can help you get there. After having used about a dozen different ecommerce platforms over the past 6 years, is Liquid Boss the best one out there? Really, thats up to you! It does offer a unique set of features in the Starter package that many other solutions do not offer or force you to pay extra for, and now with unlimited products, Liquid Boss may be a great place to set up your ecommerce business.

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