Pros And Cons Of Remote Working: Is It Right For Your Business?

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Many startup businesses are embracing the trend of remote (mobile) working. Having a team that can work from anywhere in the world, due to the advances in virtual media and cloud technology, is a world away from the traditional office setup, but some pros and cons need to be weighed.

Should you be considering remote working, the following may help you make a decision


While there can be communication with your team using a video conferencing service, there isn’t the banter and regular face to face contact with other people that comes with working in an office space. The social aspect is missing, as is the opportunity to bounce ideas around with people who are physically present in the room.

Working from home can be a massive distraction. The line between personal and work life can be blurred, and it can be very easy to take a day off if there is no need to be in contact with the remote team. Productivity will suffer, and a lazy attitude could settle in when there is nobody around to check up on your day.

You don’t have direct control over your team members. They could also slacken during the day, and if they have their mobile devices switched off, there is no way to relay important information or get an idea of what they are up to. Are they busy working for you or are they having an extra few hours in bed? You would never know.

Friendships are often built in the workplace, so if your team are half way around the world, you can’t pop out for a drink with them after work.  Unless of course, you hop onto a plane but that would probably blow all your expenses in one go!


Being able to work from home will save you money, from commuting costs to renting an office. There are no separate utility bills to manage, and you need only pop into your kitchen when you need something to eat, rather than spend money on an overpriced sandwich.

Technology offers many advantages to home working. Cloud migration services complement a global team, backing up important data and files, with easy access on any mobile or computing device for collaboration. The minute you upload a document onto the cloud, a member of your team can automatically work on it with you without the need for a face to face meeting.

You have control over your work schedule and can timetable yourself accordingly. Those with families, or with other pressing factors on time, can work whenever they want in the day, rather than be fixed to office hours.

While the social aspect of working in an office is missing, there are advantages to this. Gone are the office politics and bickering that comes when working in close contact with others, and so is the temptation to waste precious time by chatting to colleagues rather than getting down to business. Provided you have a professional attitude, and your team is reliable, there is the opportunity for greater productivity.

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