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Like it? Share it! is one of the many pay per lead affiliate networks available on the internet for you to sign up for. If you are on the fence about which networks you want to sign up, maybe this review will help you to decide. One thing to remember is that you can not make any money by just sticking to one affiliate network, so be sure to sign up for multiple, test out their systems, and see which ones work for you. Many times they will have different offers and offer different payouts, so a combination of different networks is probably the best way for you to make money online through affiliate marketing.

About T3Leads

T3Leads is one of the leading companies in the affiliate marketing arena and is based out of California. They focus mostly on the financial section of the market. It also has offers from markets such as pay day loans, student loans, auto insurance, and more. They try to help you in 2 main ways: by looking at the traffic you are getting and suggest banner and website development changes to raise the effectiveness of the campaign and also by providing the tools to help you optimize your landing page.

The T3Leads System

  • On Time Bi-Weekly Payments – T3Leads pays out within 15 days after the end of the pay period twice a month. Not bad right? If you make more than $1K in weekly commissions, you can request to get weekly payments.
  • 10% of gross commissions on referrals! The affiliate referral bonuses are great. Nothing like getting 10% of what all your referrals makes right? I didn’t think so.
  • They offer a rapid and dedicated support team 24/7, even available in 3 different languages! I haven’t seen that anywhere else!

Using the interface can be a little confusing. Right off the bat after logging in, it is not obvious where things are. If you are looking for the offers/campaigns, then you need to check under the category “Websites”. Why its not called “Campaigns” or something similar, I am not sure. If you want to get banners for the different campaigns, don’t look for them with the campaign or under the “Websites” tab. You’ll have to go to the “Bonuses” tab. Again, why things are not grouped together logically I am not sure. However, once you know where you are going within the system, you can pretty easily find what you need.

One nice thing I did find within the listing of campaigns is that if you click the little note pad icon with each offer, it will open a new window that has a list of relevant keywords that you can use to help promote the offer. Who doesn’t like a little help right?

Well, there you have it. T3Leads looks to be a pretty solid network, they have lots of reviews popping up around the net and they seem to be fairly stable. Definitely check them out if you are in the financial/debt niche and want some related offers to promote!

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