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At this time of recession, it’s ironic that three of the fastest growing money-makers are people starting up their own online businesses, writing e-books, and online blogging. People always say everyone has got a book in them – and this may be the case. Nowadays it seems that everyone has got a business in them too! Many of us start our business and fail. Many go on to be quite successful and even move on to teaching others how to start their own business.

I think the key to all three of these elements is to have the right people helping you. I’m an author, and I’m very good at what I do. However, when it comes to website coding and design; or building up my own business from scratch, I’m a small fish swimming in a very huge lake.

I’ve been recently toying with the idea of getting an online partner, someone who’s not a writer, but who’s able to fix a problem on one of my blogs in the click of a finger. I’ve seen some start up companies on the Internet which will help you with things like registering your online, company formation in Hong Kong etc. My blog needs something like this because I’m ready to hit a higher deck where writing and blogging is concerned. Please let me know if you’ve used anyone affordable.

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