Understanding the Life of a Trucker

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Truck driving is a unique and a very rewarding career, but is one that needs careful consideration just as any career choice does. However, trucking requires even more careful consideration and often requires individuals to make a conscious effort towards tailoring their lifestyle completely around their career.

The schedule of the typical trucker will have them out on the road hauling for weeks at a time with a few days at home before heading out on their next run. When you’re an owner-operator, this means that you have the freedom to choose your own loads and how often you’re out on the road. Some truckers stay regional and others can have extended trips that take them across the country. The work schedule of certain trucking jobs can be one of the hardest aspects for new truckers and their families to work around.

Truck driving has its own benefits and drawbacks that must be carefully considered before this path is chosen for a career. While the ability to enjoy a normal life is possible, your life does change when you decide to become a truck driver. Living such a large percentage of the time alone on the road can take a toll on anyone; however, this is a part of the job and comes with the territory of the long distance truck driver.

Though a CDL provides new truckers with the basics they need to safely drive big rigs on the road, there is still a considerable learning curve that has to be mastered. Driving for eight to ten hours a day is a far cry from learning how to drive in the class. In addition, knowing the book response to emergency situations is much different than experiencing it and having to think on your feet. Also, truck drivers (namely owner-operators) have to understand the financials of the business as well, and be aware of different fiscal services for truckers that they may need to take advantage of.

It takes time, but a new truck driver can certainly adjust to the trucking jobs and market and go on to enjoy a successful career.

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