31 Days to Building a Better Blog

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For those of you who do not read ProBlogger, and must be living underneath a rock, I just wanted to let you all know of the new project that Darren has been running for the past week or so.

What is the 31 Day Project About?

To put it most simply – it’s a month long series of posts here at ProBlogger designed to walk you through 31 tasks that you can do to make your blog better. You can read more about how the project works and how to participate in my introduction to the project.

So as you can imagine, it is going to be a great chance to pick up some excellent tips.

So far the tip list includes:

Day 1 – Email a New Reader
Day 2 – Run a ‘First Time Reader Audit’ on your Blog
Day 3 – Search for and Join a Forum
Day 4 – Interlink Archived Posts
Day 5 – Conduct an ‘About Page Audit’
Day 6 – Email an Old Timer Reader
Day 7 – Plan Your Next Week’s Posting Schedule
Day 8 – Comment on a Blog You’ve Never Commented On Before
Day 9 – Run an Advertising Audit On Your Blog
Day 10 – Declutter Your Sidebar

All are great tips, so check it out and keep following it for the next 20+ days and see how much better you can build your blog. I am going to be working on some of the tips over the next week or so to try and build Dorm Room Biz up.

For those of you who may be interested in other tips that Darren hasn’t offered, he has also been keeping an amazingly long list of tips left by readers in the comments on the individual days. Check out the project page to see the tips.

Some of his ideas also correlate to my just launched series on How To Jump Start Your Business This Week. The first idea will be launching tonight.

Anyone else following it?

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