4 Startup Business Ideas For College Students

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College can be an expensive business. You have fees to pay, rent and books to buy, then there is your social life. You might be working hard but you also want to party hard! However, this all costs money. You could go to the bank of mom and dad, but they are already helping you with loads. You want to earn your own money, but how can you do that? How can you find a job that will fit in with your studies? More and more students are starting their own businesses. Running your own business means that you are the boss. This means that you don’t have to worry about how you won’t make work because you have a paper due. The only person you have to answer to iis yourself A startup business doesn’t need to cost you lots of money but it can bring in lots of money for you! It is even possible to start a business just using your iPhone, so what is stopping you? Here are 5 low-cost business ideas that will potentially bring you in some money.


Granted it’s not the most glamorous of jobs but it’s a popular business and a cheap one to set up. All you need is an online ad or you could even advertise in your halls, local shops or in the local newspaper. Do a good job and you could find that you build your business through referrals! You could offer to clean offices as this is a job that is often done at night or very early morning. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing any lectures. You will need some cleaning materials but that shouldn’t be too expensive. You should also. never underestimate how long a job will take when quoting for it. You should also charge by the hour. Do some research in your local area and find out what other cleaners are charging.


Earn some money from your knowledge. Parents always want tutors for their children. SAT tutoring is always very high in demand. Again advertise online, in shops and in your local library. You need to state what your qualifications are on the advert, any experience that you have and also your hourly rate. You need to research what other tutors are charging. Your college might also be able to help you find some work tutoring. Chat to your professors and see if they can help.

Private Detective

You might want to consider setting yourself up as a private detective, the role of student could be the ultimate disguise! However, you need to research what qualifications you need for the role. You might want to even gain some work experience in a private detective firm before you decide if it is for you. You might have dreams of being 007, but the reality is that private detective work is not glamorous.

Delivery And Pick-Up Driver

You could advertise your services as an errand runner but you will need some form of transport for this. You could even advertise this service to your fellow students. Run to the shops for them, bring back take-out. This is a service that would be of use to a wide range of people. From your business person who can’t leave their desk at lunch, through to an elderly person who needs help with their shopping. You need to make sure that you keep receipts and work out how much you will charge for your time and mileage.

Four business ideas that are all very different but could all bring you in some money. Do you have any other ideas for the perfect college start-up?

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