Pretty Green Eyes: Setting Your Sights On An Eco-Friendly Business Model

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In today’s society, we make decisions and purchases on a daily basis. We buy food, which can be bought in person or online. We buy clothes, in store and online. We consistently window shop, we review and research items. However, as a business owner, whether that is physically or specializing in an e-commerce store, these days the focus on being environmentally friendly is ever increasing. Which is why I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can set your sights on a more eco-friendly business model.

Focus on a greener packaging option

It is important to consider your packaging when it comes to your business model. That is why a focus on your packaging could be a great way to ensure that you are more eco-friendly with your business model. Perhaps a reduction in your packaging type, or a preference on a recyclable or greener materials could be a good focus. Something like a stand up pouch packaging for liquids or food items, or smaller boxes with better packaging for other items could be a good option to consider.

Change your habits

Your habits are a huge indications on how green your company can be. For example, making sure that lights are switched off when you leave for the day, or using more natural light instead. Perhaps even choosing to keep an office cool by an open window instead of an air conditioning unit. You could also consider ensuring that staff members and yourself switch off items like computers or screens. Leaving them on all night, or even leaving them on standby can be a serious drain on your business energy bill.

Recycle your old technology

If you are serious about becoming more environmentally friendly as a business then you need to consider recycling your old technology. Older pieces of tech such as old computers or screens can actually be using far more energy than you would like. This is why it is important to ensure that you look at alternative options and invest in more eco-friendly versions to keep your bills low.

Are there more suitable delivery methods?

While you can’t always be completely environmentally friendly with delivery methods, you do need to consider other options. One thing to consider would be to join forces with a courier company that also shares the same eco vision. Perhaps using low emissions vehicles to deliver the goods. Other options could be click and collect or enabling a local pick up in different stores like newsagents.

Could your business location be more eco-friendly

Finally, could your business location be more environmentally friendly. This could be using LED lights bulbs instead of standard ones. Assessing the impact of your influence on your staff and the choice of location would be an essential way to ensure that your business becomes more eco-friendly.

So there you have it, some of the simple ways you can make your business environmentally friendly. I hope that some of these options help you manage to set your sights on a more eco-friendly business model.

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