A Fun Lunch At Market Leverage

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market-leverage-logoPart of my effort to make money online and break out of the cubicle culture is affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing there are lots of average people out there earning a shit load of money. So, my goal is to make $100 a week from affiliate marketing, and then bump that up to $100 a day, over time of course. Now, I’m definitely a green horn when it comes to affiliate marketing.

So anyway, I’ve been signed up with Market Leverage for a while now and haven’t done much with them until now. I’ve started talking more with my affiliate manager (AM) and getting some more information to read up on and find out good approaches to make money.

While I was in Orlando, FL I had the chance to do more networking then I have at home. Market Leverage is located outside of Orlando and one day while I was there, my AM called me up and I told her I was in Orlando and to my surprise she told me that that is where ML is headquartered. So, that of course led to being invited to meet in person and check out the office. So, one Thursday I went over (about 10 minutes from where I was working) for lunch and to meet some of the crew.

Let me tell you, they’ve got a pretty sweet set up. Very nice and open offices, a non-traditional “cubiclesque” set up, great people, and on top of that, a catered lunch EVERY DAY! I know, I didn’t believe it either. And I’m not talking about just pizza…a real cooked meal.

Most of the crew at ML is young (mid 20’s to early 30’s in age) and as you would expect that leads to a HUGE range of topics during the daily lunch in the conference room. As people started to sit down to eat, I very quickly got a warning of the vulgarity and randomness to come, but I was expecting nothing less anyway.

The group at Market Leverage is incredibly nice and extremely willing to help those new to affiliate marketing and newbies like myself start earning some money through their offers. So if you are not already signed up with them, I strongly recommend you do so. It’s worth it! You’ll get an AM to keep in touch with, bounce ideas off of, and get tips on which campaigns are converting well.


Plus, maybe you can score yourself an “I’m Blogging This” t-shirt like I’m sporting in the above picture.

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  1. College Town Menus (CTM) May 19, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    That is a sick shirt. Too bad you didnt snag some other shwag and have a contest on your blog for one of those other exclusive products. Good job. Nice sun burn, haha.
    And nice usage of the self camera extender thing.

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