MileyCyrusVideosOnline Official Launch

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Last year I set a goal to launch a bunch of celebrity focused websites. I started it off with which has now been active for over a year, gets decent search engine traffic, and fairly good clicks on AdSense ads. Now, I’ve been slowly getting content added to a new site, one a little more dynamic. Enter – Miley Cyrus Videos Online.

I “launched” the site back in November but didn’t really start getting any content onto it until around the start of the new year.  Currently the site features about 50 posts, mostly all videos of Miley Cyrus either at events, music videos, or her MileyWorld series from YouTube. In addition to the videos, the site features an extensive biography and pictures.

I’ve started advertising the site on Google using Google AdWords and the traffic has slowly picked up. The site is based off of WordPress using the Celebrity Theme and a couple plugins.

I’d love to hear some feedback on the site – layout, content, etc. I’m sure the majority of you all are not Miley Cyrus fans, but I’d like to hear more about the usability of the site and that aspect of things. Feel free to leave some comments, email me or tweet at me.

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