Offering Local eBay Drop Off Service for Maryland Residents Again

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When the economy is in the shitter, you need to find alternative ways to generate income and take care of your needs, wants, or anything else you could use some extra cash for.

A couple years back when I started by eBay business, Radford Auctions, our main service was going to be to offer a drop off service for the local community of Radford, VA since this is where we were located. After only a couple successful sales with local clients, we quickly switched gears and started focusing on offering different products, which then turned us to becoming a prominent seller of outdoor gear and equipment. With the success continuing for my eBay store and auctions, I want to expand back into the drop off service for the community.

Everyone has so much junk it is unbelievable. Everyone is looking for ways to save money or earn more money. Why not bring the two of those together again? So, here’s the deal. Effectively immediately, I’ll be offering a drop off service again to the local community in Maryland, find details at

The funny part of me saying “immediately” is that I’m not even in Maryland right now and won’t be until the second week of April! Anyway, that is besides the point. Here is how it works for those of you know familiar with the concept.

  1. You bring me your items to sell
  2. I do some research, give you an idea of how well it might sell and for how much.
  3. If you like what I have to say and offer, then I’ll hold on to the item and take care of every part of the auction process.
    • Item photography, listing the item, writing the full description, collecting payment from the buyer, and shipping the item.
  4. After an item successfully sells, is paid for, and ships to the buyer, we will then send you a check. Total turn around time for an average customer to get paid is 2 weeks from the drop off date.
  5. If you are happy with the service, you then can drop off more items to sell, tell your friends, blog about your experience, tweet to your followers, or anything else you’d like to do to spread the word!

So, what do you think? Anyone live in central Maryland (surrounding Howard County) that is looking to make some extra money? Contact me!

This is not a new service by any means. There are many franchisees across the country that do this as well as any many smaller sellers. However, many of them charge upwards of 35-50% of the final value of the auction as their fee or commission. I don’t. I think that that is highway robbery and is outrageous. You’ll never find me charging that much for the service. Also many of the other companies are charging tiered fee structures. I don’t do that crap either. A straight fee right across the board.alright

If you’re looking to make extra money for yourself, are familiar with eBay, and want to help other people out too, then this is easily a service you can offer in your area. Just don’t start doing it in Maryland…otherwise I’ll be knocking down your door 🙂 Kidding of course….

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  1. tyler kelly September 12, 2009 at 11:01 am #

    can u send me your contact info so i can drop some items off

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