Building the Foundations for a More Adaptable Business

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If you want a business that will last for many years, the ability to adapt is essential. What is working for you right now might not be the same in twelve months time, let alone five or ten years.

It is impossible to predict the future, of course. But there are ways of ensuring your overall strategy is fluid and flexible enough to account for anything. In today’s guide, we’re going to look at everything you need to do to lay the foundations for a more adaptable business. Read on to find out more.

A Vision

What do you see for your business in five or ten years time? If you are unsure, it is likely that you will fail. Yes, things are going to change along the way. But one thing that has to remain fixed is your vision of your company’s future.

It will help you create the goals and strategies you need to employ to reach your targets. It will help your employees understand what they are doing – and why. And it will mean you can embrace change, work flexible, and adapt when you need to, without affecting the big plan.

A Great Team

The people you hire will be critical to the success of your business. Adaptable talent in the workforce tends to be efficient and productive – but how do you spot these people? It all starts with your hiring process. Make sure you are looking for individuals who can prove they love learning new skills.

Take a closer look at your current workforce, too. Are there people whose skill sets could do a great job sitting right under your nose? Finally, always look for people who are driven to take ownership of their careers. It is these folks who will prove adaptable, and with the right team in place, your business’s future will look bright.


Can you honestly say that your business is ready for anything? The unknown can be hard to quantify, of course. But with the right preparation, you will find your business can adapt to any situation. Rapid shifts in the market, natural disasters, crashes in the global economy – they all happen.

Let’s take your technology and IT systems as an example. According to Prosyn – a partner of Datto, the backup specialists – even a simple human error can have an adverse impact on your business. Unless you invest in proper backup and systems, how can you adapt to the effects of such an outage?

Successful businesses plan for everything, and are never surprised or caught out when things go wrong. It is vital you identify all potential issues that could arise, and have a system in place to adapt.

Sensible Finance

Of course, where many startups and small companies fail is all down to finances. You might make a fortune during one quarter, and decide to invest all that money in a new office and suite of gleaming, bright new Apple Macs.

But what happens in Q2 when things don’t quite go so well? Yes, you will certainly look the part. But the reality is you have spent needless money and are now close to the breadline once again. Every investment you make needs to have value and enable your ability to adapt. Sensible financial planning is a far better long term strategy than blowing profits on unnecessary systems.

Hope this has helped – good luck!

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