David Askaripour jumps onboard Dorm Room Biz

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Hello Dorm Room Biz readers, my name is David Askaripour and I am the founder of Cashcampus, LLC and author of Flush the Toilet: Student Entrepreneurship blog. Cashcampus is a content-related company that’s geared towards students and young entrepreneurs and “Flush the Toilet” is a blog focused on helping young entrepreneurs with their businesses in any way that I can.

Here’s a little history….

In the summer of 2004 I was becoming increasingly interested with the internet and building businesses. That summer, I sold my car and borrowed close to $10,000 from my parents and started Cashcampus.com, which at the time was a site that allowed students to share and sell research material and class notes. It took about 10 months of work to complete the site. I was basically coordinating a team of programmers and designers from India, and then later a team from Europe. What I learned those few months has been priceless to my entrepreneurial journey.

Cashcampus finally launched in February of 2005 while attending Pace University in New York City. The site experienced some success, but it was eventually taken down to pursue other projects which I am currently working on. To read more of an in depth story of my first company, read these blog series.

After taking down Cashcampus last summer, I basically took a step back to learn as much about business as I could. I read books, went on dozens of meetings to meet other young entrepreneurs, and even begun teaching myself various technologies such as how to program and design (I’m still working on that). As the days go by, I am becoming more and more entrenched in the amazing, fun, and exciting world of business and entrepreneurism. A world that I don’t plan on leaving.

I recently graduated from college a semester early, just this past January. Since then, I’ve launched “Flush the Toilet” blog and have been focusing a lot of my time meeting other entrepreneurs, writing about business, and, of course, working on plans to grow my business into a content empire.

One of life’s joys for me is helping people succeed. I love the feeling of knowing that what I am contributing is helping someone out there in this world. When I write, I write from my heart and with all of the passions that I have for the world of business and entrepreneurism. If I’m not constantly helping or adding on to this world, then I’m dead.

I am pleased to be a guest blogger on Dorm Room Biz. It will be my aim to help as many entrepreneurs as I possibly can and I hope that you readers will also share what you know and the experiences that you’ve encountered as entrepreneurs.

So stick around, there’s plenty of good articles in the mix. Let’s do this together!

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  1. Administrator April 12, 2006 at 3:22 pm #

    Excellent intro David. Im glad to have you on board!


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