Effective Physical Ways To Reach Your Customers

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Sometimes when you are starting out in business, it is tempting to think of your customers in the abstract. You might have an idea of a target of numbers, a demographic or an area where you are likely to attract business. There comes a time when you need to focus on who the real people are and go out there and find them!

Social marketing can help you raise awareness and create curiosity. But ultimately you need to make your business visible and here are some methods that have proved invaluable. See which ones could work for you.


If you haven’t done so already, put some thought and your best design skills into your logo. That logo is gong to be invaluable to you, and you want to ensure that it carries your message and reflects what you are selling.

Flyers, Leaflets and custom door hangers.

These will be as effective as the design and information on them. They will also only work if you get them into the right hands. Even then you will want to avoid them going into the recycling.

Have a cold, hard think about where and who your customers are likely to be. Now channel your efforts into effective distribution. Custom door hangers are an example of advertising that has been very effective for some entrepreneurs. Customers have to handle them and in doing so, if your design is good and your offer relevant, you could generate valuable business.

Giveaways and Freebies.

Whatever it is try and make them relevant to your market. T-Shirt mania, for example, shows no sign of running out of steam. It’s easy to get an arresting design printed and well, everyone loves a free t-shirt!

Have a think about other options. Ensure you know what the point of the free giveaway is. For example, is there an offer attached?  Is there a link back to your social marketing?  More than anything get out there into the places where you customers are. Distribute your message.

Creating interest can be done with quizzes or contests. This is all about finding and connecting with the people who could be your potential customers.

Movable logos.

If you have a van or even a car you are happy to use for your business, get your logo and contact details onto the side.  The more visible you are, the better it will be for you. Think about colors and size. You want to attract attention. The same basic rules apply that applied to your logo. People need to understand what you have to offer. They need to know how to get in touch with you.

There are other fun ways of advertising. You could use human moving sign boards or novelty animal costumes.  Where might your customers gather?  Perhaps they attend meetings, rallies, or simply neighborhood events such a fairs and concerts. Consider how you could connect and let them know about your services.

Not everything will apply to you, and you might well be inspired to think of other ways of becoming visible.  The truth is the more you get out there, and more you connect with your audience the more you will have the opportunity to increase demand.

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