Letting the Secret Loose

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Brian Balfour who keeps his blog, The Entrepreneurial Endeavor, recently had an article on his site about letting the secrets of your company or ideas loose to the public. Heres an excerpt, but definitly be sure to check out the full article.

Many first time entrepreneurs that I meet are initially very secretive about their business idea. I sense this paranoia that every person they meet is a petty thief just waiting to steal their idea and run with it. While I think that there are some cases that justify the need to keep the idea under wraps, the majority of the time it is detrimental to the growth of a startup.

Practice Makes Perfect

As an entrepreneur you should look for every opportunity you can get to discuss your idea. Every time you discuss your idea is an opportunity to refine your explanation and increase the excitement of your sales pitch. When the person who you are discussing it with doesn’t understand the concept, it points out flaws or areas that could use improvement. Only through the course of many conversations will you find the best way to communicate, and ultimately sell your idea.

Again, read the full article here.

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