Online Businesses You Can Start on a Shoestring

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If you’re young and looking to set up your own business, then the internet is the place to be. Why? Well, not only are more and more of our transactions, in every area of life, being carried out online all the time but setting up an online operation can be extremely cheap!

Here is a selection of online businesses that you could conceivably start up with just a few dollars to get things going:


If there;s something that you know how to do, and you know how to do well, which you know that other people find difficult, then simply set up your own website, perhaps hire a  local SEO company to optimize it, and then start connecting with people who need your help! Consultants can charge significant sums for their expertise on a whole host of things and choose their own working hours, so it can be a pretty plum job if you have skills or information to impart.

Social Media Manager  

If you’re one of those people who really get social media; who knows how to build up a following and have people hanging on your every word, then you could easily set up an online business as a social media marketing expert. You could even get started for free by bidding for work on sites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour or even visiting local companies and offering your services for a fee. However, setting up your own website and building your own social media followings on a range of platforms would probably be a good idea too.

Social Media Marketing

If you have the skills mentioned above, but managing other people’s social media profiles doesn’t appeal to you, turning your own profiles into a business by marketing goods and services, providing you have a large enough following, could be a good way to go too.

Selling Stuff

For the cost of setting up a website, you could start your own online retail empire by using drop shipping services to fulfill orders, meaning that you don’t have to invest any capital before you can get started. Once you start making profits, move away from drop shipping and start buying goods wholesale, which is where the big profits are. Remember though, that despite the fact you can set up an online retail store for a few dollars, you will need to put significant man hours into building and marketing your store.

Content Writing

If you’re a great writer, you know your grammar, and you can draw people in, then setting up as an online content writer is a no-brainer. You can start out by getting gigs on the various freelance websites set up for this purpose or by speculatively offering your work for sale on sites like Constant Content. Then, when you have enough experience and reviews, launch your own website where people can come to you. Again, you’ll have to work hard to search engine optimize your website and market your skills, but if you put the effort, you could build up a very lucrative business without spending much money at all.


Of course, if you really are a great writer, there’s no reason why you should resign yourself to writing for others; setting up your own blog and using it as a platform to sell goods or services, or make money from advertising revenue is another great way to make money with very little investment. Just make sure that you create unique content regularly and offer any potential readers value.

Good Luck!

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