Setting Up A Tutoring Business For College Students By College Students

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It’s no secret that in this day and age, just because you have a college degree, it doesn’t mean you will automatically find employment when you enter out into the world of work. Employers want experience, and they want to see any kind of personal growth outside of education such as, volunteering, or being involved in other activities. With the mounting debts of tuition fees and with no immediate, reliable source of income after graduation, students may find that getting ahead will mean starting before the competition. Students with a thirst for profit, and getting their name out into the professional scene, setting themselves up to network with investors and potential partners. The bottom line for any online business is to make a product or provide a service which will help people in some form. As a student, your nearest consumer base is other students. Setting up a tutoring business while in your final years to helping those who are going through what you have already been through, could be your start into entrepreneurship.

The online tutoring concept

Your staff doesn’t have to meet customers face to face because a tutoring business can quite happily exist online. With various tools like Skype and Hangouts, the lessons and modules can be taught via a cloud system. Various companies offer Computer Support that will have cloud services to store and access documents, back up your content, IT support on hand should you run into errors, email solutions, and security, so your data is safe. Setting up one to one lessons, or a conference meeting with many students at one time is easy over the web with dedicated streaming; YouTube, also has a streaming option.

Setting up a network

Everyone has the right to a good education, regardless of overall intelligence and funds to afford it. As students enter college, they’ll be met with a totally new world of academic standards. Governments spend a massive amount of money on education, with the hope that the next generation will be smarter, more productive and raise the country’s GDP rating. Apply for a business grant via your local authority after you have set up your business plan. You should advertise for tutoring jobs across the campus, and online. Get other students who are also in the final year onboard to be tutors in their subjects for college students in their first couple of years.

Reaching out        

Having set up the framework, the concept, and the staff, the next step is to reach out to students who are coming to your university. You have in your staff seniors who have already gone through the modules the new students will be doing or at least the same subject matters. Working together with lecturers, you can offer to take the workload off them, and have students sign up for an online teaching class that will help with essay writing, research methods, planning, analytics, and general explanations of the substance being learned. Print off flyers, posters, and leaflets to spread around and give out on fresher’s week so your business brand can be logged into the minds of young students. Set up a stall in a high people traffic area around campus and with perhaps some food items, sell your services to students walking by. The key is to market yourself on a budget with maximum exposure.

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