Top 3 Business Processes to Outsource

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There are many different aspects to running a business, and as time goes on more and more companies, particularly SMEs, are turning to outsourcing for certain business processes.

Why is this? There’s been an idea doing the rounds in the business world recently that companies will be more successful if they rethink the way that they do things. The mantra is along the lines of ‘focus on what you’re best at and outsource the rest,’ and encourages businesses to focus on their strengths and entrust other aspects to other companies and individuals whose strengths lie elsewhere.

Outsourcing is not only a great way to find people with valuable skills and abilities for your business, it’s also a great way to save some money and run your business successfully and with efficiency. Here are three of the best businesses processes to outsource for the benefit of your start up.

Process #1 – Email

Though it seems like such a simple thing, keeping a company email running can actually be an amazing headache. A significant percentage of IT work goes into dealing with minor technical issues that can hold back businesses. For instance, if your Email goes down then a lot of time is wasted in trying to get things back on track. It’s amazing how little problems like this can slow your business down.

Outsourcing email allows you to free up your IT resources, and in some cases an IT team isn’t even required.

Process #2 – Data Storage

By this point it’s guaranteed that you’ve at least heard of cloud computing and how amazing it is. It’s true that cloud computing is a fantastic development that has revolutionized the way that businesses deal with their data storage.

A lot businesses have their own data center or some way of storing their valuable files and documents, but there are now third party services that can store your data on remote servers. This form of outsourcing is extremely cost-effective and highly secure, with more and more businesses turning to solutions provided by companies like TNT Business Solutions.

Process #3 – Accounting and Payroll

A lot of companies have a finance department, but it may actually be more cost-effective to outsource your payroll service, especially for startup businesses. Payroll software is actually quite complex and requires an in-depth understanding in order to keep things running effectively, so outsourcing eliminates the various issues that can emerge when trying to manage Payroll services.

For instance, a start-up business using Payroll may incur fees because of errors. By outsourcing, you put your finances in capable and experienced hands, eliminating any of these risks.

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  1. Brian Robben January 17, 2016 at 6:26 pm #

    At my full-time job, practically the entire operation shuts down when email serves freezes or is down. So I definitely agree that outsourcing email can be a wise and efficient move.

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