Vacation Cut Short

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This past week I was supposed to be laying on the beach at the Outer Banks in North Carolina working on my tan, but the weather turned on us and we came home early. From Sunday to Tuesday, the winds were constantly at about 30 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph.

So, naturally, we decided to come home since the remainder of the week didn’t look much more promising with thunderstorms in the forecast.

Here are a couple quick pictures of the ocean to show how rough it was.
beach 1

beach 2

It was still a nice change to just relax around the beach house and not worry about anything except for where we were going to go for lunch or dinner! After getting back home on Wednesday we just hung out and laid low without doing much else. It was a good rest period, but now I am ready to get back to work…as you will see with some upcoming posts.

Until then…stay focused!

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