Virginia Hiker Going Strong!

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It has been about a month now since launching Virginia Hiker and it is going strong. I am seeing a slow but steady increase of traffic to the site without much effort in actually marketing the site. I continue to constantly add new hiking trail reviews/guides to the site as well as am slowing adding more gear reviews to try and attract more visitors to the site and keep them longer.
I have some great ideas for future expansions that I would like to do over the next month or so, so as long as I can keep a good internet connection while home, I should be able to keep everything on track.

Upgrades will include:
-Photo gallery
-Affiliate links to different gear products for the reviews and also throughout the site in general
-A more blended array of Google AdSense ad’s featured in more areas then just the sidebar of the site.
-Eventually a forum may be installed to generate some conversation and also to retain visitors to the site longer. With this could also come a user’s photo gallery so others can share their pictures of different trails.

I still have a ways to go on getting every single Virginia trail categorized on the site, but I am well on the way. I have the majority of the trails on the western side of the State covered and just need to post them on the site and then slowly move east and gather all the information for different trails and parks.

Look for more great updates on how the site is coming and its revenue generation to come soon!

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