Where The Hell Have I Been?

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Alright, so with over a week of no action here from me, you have probably been wondering where the hell I have been, so I plan on telling you!

Last saturday, May 13th, I moved into my new apartment at school since I am taking a summer course down here. Since then, I have not had much of an internet connection at all until this past Saturday. We signed up for Verizon DSL service and first they sent us the wrong equipment, just a regular router/modem and not the wireless enabled one. Then, they sent the right equipment to the wrong address where it had to be forwarded from to me down here in Radford, VA. So it finally showed up on Saturday. I set it up on my girlfriends computer, who is subleasing my roommates room for this month for a summer class session but could not get the wireless to work so that I could connect to the network. Finally, yesterday afternoon I was able to get it to work.

So, being without internet for over a week has been killing me thats for sure! Besides having no internet, I have been taking a statistics class that is around 2.5 hours every morning Monday thru Friday from 8-10:30ish. This has also been keeping me busy.

But, now that I am back on track with an internet connection and ready to get back down to business, you will be seeing more activity on Dorm Room Biz from me over the next week and a half. I have a mini series that I will be publishing starting to publish in a day or so about selling on eBay and also will be sharing some more project updates for different things that I am working on.

So needless to say, pelase stay tuned for more updates from me and more posting! I appologize for not being able to post anything over the past week but I am back now and ready to roll!

PS: Some pictures of the new place will be coming soon.

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