Working From Home For The Summer

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Working from home for the summer can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! As I had mentioned in a previous post, I am not taking a full time job this summer and am instead going to be making everything happen myself through different channels of income: web design, eBay, and blogging. My goal for the summer, with the combination of the three revenue streams is to bring in over $3000. Most of this will be coming from web design and eBay sales, however, I am hoping to develop a couple niche blogging sites to flip for a profit of anywhere from $100 and up depending on the content.

Web design and eBay will be the big ticket money makers though! I am currently looking to fill my time over the next two months with different web design projects to help me reach my income goal for the summer, so if you are interested, feel free to contact me. I have already been successful in lining up a couple projects, but I will be looking for more to get me along the way! Be sure to keep an eye out for the launching of a couple new websites over the course of the next month or so for my clients.

eBay sales have been going well for me over the past couple weeks. With the start of my eBay business which I will be posting about soon, my auctions continue to do well and I continue to make money! In the month of May eBay sales brought in about $250 after taking out expenses of shipping and fee’s. For June, I am hoping to break over the $500 mark and am well on my way, with having already brought in around $100 in the first 12 days of the month.

A lot of my friend’s still can’t believe that I did not get a full time job for the summer, including my mother, but I guess the doubters do not understand the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and the freedom that it allows you to have. I have heard many times over the last month “what are you going to do?” or “your going to be so bored, I wouldn’t be able to do it.” And I just continue to tell them he same thing, its what I want to do and can do, therefore I am going to do it. Boredom is a funny thing. It happens to everyone no matter what your occupation is, is inevitable- no way to get around it. When I get bored, I just do something else. If I am working on a project, I will get off my computer and watch some tv for a little bit or pick up a magazine and catch up on reading it. And then when I get bored with whatever I was doing to get ride of my initial boredom, I can go back to working on a project or starting a different task. Boredom comes and goes and for me it happens to go pretty quickly. I have the ability to take my mind off of something for just a few minutes and then I can get right back to it and be able to have a clear mind for the project.

The best part to me about working from home this summer is that I am not always at home and am able to do other things, which is where the freedom aspect come in to play. My parents are self-employed entepreneurs and pretty much everyday I stop in at their store to help out with what I can and run errands for them that they need to get done (going to the post office, going to the bank, deliverying things, or getting lunch 🙂 ). Being able to do this during my day also helps eliminate the idea of being bored during the day while not having a “full time job”.

So anyway, so far into the summer, I love working from home and have been able to get everything I need to accomplish. I look forward to being able to get a lot of insightful posts onto Dorm Room Biz and also to continually work on my other project sites and blogs. Be sure to keep a look out for project updates as the summer continues!

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