14 Tips on How Students Can Get Noticed In a Tight Job Market

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Increasing global employable population, globalization and recent economic condition point to ‘tightening’ job market. It is obvious that year by year job market is getting worse and employment search has become much more competitive. Thus, proper planning is a must if you want to get noticed in this competitive world. According to HR experts at SolidEssay.com, appropriate planning in the early stages helps in laying a strong foundation for a career, even if the economy turns down or employment market is tight. Below are some suggestions to get noticed in a tight job market:

1. Consult a career counsellor; prepare a career plan as early as possible.

2. Nowadays, social networking sites are playing an important role in students’ job search, as these sites have separate pages for posting employment opportunities.
o Using Twitter is a quick way to find companies that are hiring actively.
o Exploring LinkedIn might help you find the right people who work in the field of interest.

3. Enlist all contacts, starting with family, friends, professors and alumni. Bear in mind that everything depends on how well you articulate a message to the contacts.

4. Asking someone about a job is not a bad thing and it is better and truly helpful than mere browsing websites and announcements.

5. Go private! Be aware that potential employers are looking at the social media pages.

6. In addition to developing a good academic knowledge, personal skills, communication skills, flexibility, creativity, energy, innovation, being yourself, etc. is crucial.

7. For software job seekers, ultimate computer skills are essential; it is necessary to be updated with the latest software.

8. Bring fresh skills to the market since many of them come with experience. A lot of companies are searching for people who understand viral marketing.

9. Research and understand the requirements of each company which you are applying for, and modify your resume accordingly; it takes a little bit of effort but it will pay off in the long run. Never send an “off the rack” resume to the companies.

10. Being tied up with college is one of the best ways of being updated about job opportunities.

11. Volunteer for outside activities such as industry events, job fairs and other events organized by different companies, even if it is an unpaid activity; it helps in connecting with the right people.

12. Instead of spending your free time at home, be part of ecological projects, which will develop personal skills and give you some required experience.

13. Attitude, confidence, adaptability, optimistic character and hardworking nature are vital.

14. Sometimes getting a dream job takes more time than expected; in such instances, look positively at every opportunity that comes on the way, it may not be the ideal job, but it may give you a chance to learn new skills required for the dream job and then can move you forward in due course.

Never stop gaining education and always be open to new learning opportunities focusing on your skills and abilities. The right mix of hard work and smart work is crucial. Having a right degree or an additional professional qualification will give you an edge when searching for a job. Finally, stay focused and concentrate on your career objective.

Author bio: Jeffy is an HR manager at SolidEssay, which is a reputable paper writing service, having recruited one of the best college essay writing experts to work for the company. He also writes on topics related to careers and education.

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