4 Tips for Getting Financially and Physically Fit NOW

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Real quick folks, I wanted to share with you a great article that looks at 4 ways you can get finaicially AND physically fit at the same time. Interested? I thought so.

As a student entrepreneur or young entrepreneur trying to bootstrap your business, being financially fit is important…and so is being physically fit. My wife and I live about 2 miles from a local YMCA and we knew we needed to get a little more fit and figured it would be a great opportunity yo join a gym that was so close to our home. Well, the cheapest plan they offer for a couple is like $50 a month…it may have even been more. We signed up and used it a bunch the first few months and then slowed down. The problem with working full time and then going to the gym after work is that everyone and their mother is there – working folks, kids after school, and everyone in between. So we would wind up waiting 20+ minutes to use different machines and equipment because it was so crowded…and don’t ever get me started about trying to go on the weekends! Needless to say, we basically stopped going except for sometimes on Sunday morning’s while most people were in Church, we had a chance to get some use of the machines. We went on for months paying the huge fee before finally closing our account. We kept saying “we’ll go back” or “let’s go tomorrow”. It just didn’t happen.

So, with that long story out of the way, and annoucing the fact that we blew through at least $250 with no return on a gym membership, there is a good article on the Ace Cash Express blog that looks at 4 ways to get financially and physically fit at the same time. The author of the article, Victor, had a very similar experience to that of my wife and I amd many other people.

I enjoyed a posh health club experience for $4.12 a day.  The problem arose when I didn’t make it to the gym 30 days a month.  As a result I typically paid $10.10 on average because I visited the facility only three times a week.  If live threw me a curve ball, which shifted my focus, I often worked out even less.  My point is this, find easier and cheaper ways to trim the extra fat while stacking extra money at the same time.

So, here are the 4 tips that Victor offers that are easier, cheaper, and more effective than trying to force yourself to get the most out of an expensive gym membership.

  1. Walk It Off
  2. Eat Smart At Lunch
  3. Gourmet Meals on The Go
  4. Dust off The Life Cycle

Head over to the Ace Cahs Express blog for the full details as explained by Victor for each of the 4 suggestions. All 4 are great for young entrepreneurs looking to save money for their business but also stay fit.

My favorite tip? Walk it off! I mean come on, what’s easier than walking down the street or around the neighborhood? Plus it’s free! Walking not only gets you some exercise, but it is a great time to clear your mind and stop thinking about business/work/school/life OR a great to get clarity or find some perspective on an issue. It’s an opportunity to focus on something and get rid of the other distrctions in life…just keep to the sidewalk so you don’t get hit!

This is a paid sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ace Cash Express. The opinions expressed here are 100% mine.

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