Make Free Calls Anywhere In The World With The New Vonage Mobile App

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That’s right! The newly released…as in just a couple days ago…Vonage Mobile App allows it’s users to make international long distance calls, and any other calls for that matter, for free to another Vonage app user. How cool?

Vonage just the other day released their new smartphone app which has a ton of great features and it is only going to get better. So, let’s get started by talking about what the app offers.

  • App-to-App Free Calling & Messaging
  • Paid Domestic/International Calling & Messaging
  • Uses Your Mobile Number to Activate Service
  • Uses Existing Address Book to Build Your Free Community
  • Group Invite via SMS
  • Individual Invite via SMS/Email
  • International Long Distance (ILD) Rate Lookup In-App
  • Credit for ILD/Domestic Calling
  • In-App Purchasing

Now, let’s take a little bit deeper look at some of these features. When you think of Vonage and VOIP calling on your smartphone, you probably also think of Skype. So, I’ll also note which of these features Skype does or does not have.

Uses Your Mobile Number to Acitivate Service – This is a great one. The Vonage Mobile app just uses your already exisiting phone number to use it’s service rather than giving you a new number like Skype does. This allows you to just invite your friends to join you in using the Vonage app and not have to give our a completley different number or have someone struggle to find your in their contacts.

Going to be overseas and don’t want to fuss with getting a cell phone number set up in another country? The Vonage Mobile app is a great soltution because it will work with Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G wireless data networks, worldwide.

Uses Existing Address Book To Build Your Free Community – Another great feature! This allows you to easily use your current address book to invite friends to join you in using the Vonage app. This means you can quickly invite friends (in either group or individual messages) and you do not have to create another address book like you have in Skype. This also makes finding a friend or family member to call much much easier because you are just using your address book like normal. If you wanted to use Skype to build your contacts list, you’d have to search for a contact in the Skype Directory, send them a contact request, wait for them to accept it and then test out a call. What a pain!

In-App Purchasing – This feature allows you to buy credit for international or domestic calls right from within the app. The app connects directly to your iTunes or Android Marketplace accounts and sends the charges through directly rather than having to go online and purchase your credits like Skype and then go back to the app and be able to use them.

Let’s talk prices, okay? One of the reasons for using a service like Vonage and Skype is because of the low rates for making calls. Vonage Mobile will have 30% lower ILD rates thank Skype to the top 50 countries. Vonage Mobile is also around 70% cheaper than the mobile carriers! So for instance a call on Vonage Mobile to Mexico is $0.154 per minute whereas the same call on Skype would be $0.336 a minute. Awesome, right? Yea, we thought so too. Go download the free calling app now!

For a limited time when you download the Vonage Mobile App, you can get calls to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for FREE! But this only lasts for a limited time while the app launches – so get on board now!

Okay, one final feature that’s pretty cool. Some people might want to use their iPad or Android Tablet as their telephone…weird, but okay. I mean, can you imagine sitting next to someone holding their iPad against their ear? HAHA. Anyway, if you wanted to do that, you totally could. While Vonage Mobile does not give you a new phone number to use, like Skype, you can connect the app to another virtual number and use the app that way. So if you have a Google Voice phone number, you could connect the number to the Vonage App and be able to make calls from your iPad on your G Voice number. You can do the same thing with iPod’s as well.

 What do you think? Have you used the land line Vonage service before? Now you can take the great service you enjoy at home and use it on the road!

Watch this demo video of the app and then head over to the Vonage site to download the app and to learn more about it!

This is a paid sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Vonage Mobile App. The opinions expressed here are 100% mine.

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