5 Insane (But True) Things About Content Creators

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Content creation is a way for creative people to make money from home. It is especially useful for people like students where scheduling can be tough and pocket money is always helpful. All content creators have to do is write articles or blog posts and sell them online.

  • Content creators can do it with their clothes off — literally. There is no need to leave the house with content creation, so clothes are not necessary for this job.
  • Content creators can procrastinate. This is good for people who have last minute things come up and may have to push their writing until close to the deadline. However, it is bad for people who love excuses to procrastinate and often miss deadlines.
  • It is as close to traveling the world a person can get without leaving the house. Content creators talk to clients all over the world, if they network enough. They also get to research all kinds of interesting things that help them learn about the world through their clients’ needs.  And, to go along with this, there is actually a lot of people (students) who travel the world freely and fund their travels via freelance writing.  It can be done, but might take some time to establish yourself as a good writer.
  • There is a cap to how much can be made in any business. However, when money is tight, content creators can work as many hours as they want to make up for it. There is no boss to say, “No more overtime.”
  • Content creation lets trivial knowledge be put to good use. A content creator who has knocked a melted candle on the floor and successfully cleaned up the wax can write an article about how to do it.  You can write about virtually anything with a purpose.
  • For people who make content creation a career, it involves finding clients and top-notch organization skills, but the level of participation all depends on the content creator. It is self-employment at its most flexible.

So where are some places where I can find freelance writing jobs?  There are hundreds and hundreds of sites all over the web that facilitate this process of connecting clients and authors.  Here are my top 5:

  1. Elance – Best outsourcing site in general.  Professional platform, easy to use.  Personally have used it for manufacturing projects, not for writers but it basically has everything.
  2. Scriptlance – Famous freelance writing site, probably most popular out of all writing-specific outsourcing sites.
  3. Textbroker – Good built-in rating system, difficult navigation.  Must be US Citizen to write.
  4. Pro Blogger Job Board – Exactly what the name implies.  Popular job site for writers.  Think Craigslist for freelance writers.
  5. Craigslist – A lot of people (business owners, webmasters, etc) don’t know that freelance writer sites exist so they go to Craigslist to fulfill their needs.  Crowded space, but worth submitting to several cities.

What kind of schedule would you keep with this kind of flexibility?  Are you a freelance writer?

Jessica Silva is a Red Bull drinker, full-time mother, and PR manager of the Kangarew project, a start-up outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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