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It seems like there is always a new company popping up and coming up with a new way to interact with your networks through Facebook. StuffPal is another one of those companies. StuffPal allows you to borrow and lend your personal library of books, DVD and video games to your friends by uploading them to their website.

So here’s how the app/website works. You head to and log in with your Facebook account. Once logged in, you can then ‘add’ your stuff to your account. Basically, your creating an inventory of the stuff you have that friends could borrow including books, DVD’s and videogames. Then you invite your friends to log in to the site. Once your friends are on the site and have loaded their stuff, you can view their catalog and they can see yours. Then the borrowing begins by seeing which items you’d like to borrow and hearing from your friend what they want to borrow; meet up in person and exchange your items. Sounds pretty cool, right?

The service is good for college students and others for a few reasons. First, it lets you share your stuff with your friends and it makes it much easier than going “Ay yo, what DVD’s you got?” Now you can just go on StuffPal to take a look at your friends list. Next, since the economy is still pretty crappy, you probably don’t want to be spending money on new video games or DVD’s when you have bills to pay, so this allows you to still see some fresh stuff but not have to spend a dime. Finally, it’s good for the environment – borrowing someone elses item rather than buying your own helps cut down on waste.

Another benefit to college students? You can now create a catalog of your textbooks and share them with your friends rather than just having them collect dust on your bookshelf, in a box, or under your bed.

StuffPal has been giving away iPads to the people with the most shared items and those who have them most borrowed/lent items, so if you’ve got a lot of stuff, get on the site and share it. But, the downside is that you can only share items with your friends on Facebook. In the future it would be great to see the service be available by location too, so that I could share with other people in my zip code or college even if we are not friends on the almighty Facebook.

It seems like the reach right now is mostly based in California based on the events and marketing they have been doing at UCLA and USC. Hopefully they make their way around the country to your areas.

StuffPal also recently won the 2011 W3 Silver Award in the web application and services category. The awards honor creative excellence on the web and recognize the people behind the award winning sites. StuffPal beat out over 3,000 other entries this year.

What do you think? Check the site out at and also give them a ‘like’ on Facebook.


This is a sponsored review written by Dorm Room Biz on behalf of StuffPal. The opinions of this review are 100% that of it’s author.

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