Are you into World of Warcraft?

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I’m not much of an online gamer or a gamer in general but if you know what you are doing, there can be a good amount of money in the industry as a business. There are websites all over the place that sell W.O.W. and other game accounts, accessories, powers, and weapons. If you are looking to buy wow accounts or anything of the sorts you really do not need to do too much searching. Just doing a search on Google will return some results. One such site is They are a retailer of World of Warcraft accounts. Interesting that you can make money from selling accounts to games isn’t it?

There are some games where people sell extra accessories or add ons for when you are actually playing the games too. Things like weapons, different people/characters, special powers, buildings, and more. The people who buy these types of virtual products will tell you that they are a way to get a leg up on the game and also to help you out if you are really stuck in a certain spot of the game.

I’d tell you it is crazy; but it is also a way to make some money. These types of things are even being sold on eBay! If you are into Second Life, you can even buy property or accessories off of eBay. appears to be a pretty popular place to purchase your WoW related items. Their website could be a little more attractive and less cluttered, but if you are looking for a Level 70 Draenei Shaman you can pick one up on their website for $399 or maybe a Level 70 Blood Elf Priest for $1149! I sure hope that they are selling some of these things to pay for their costs.

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