Apparently in the UK you can rent garage space and parking spots online

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I don’t know if there is anything based on a U.S. website like this yet, but there are different websies in the U.K. focused on selling and renting parking spaces and extra garage spots. Talk about an interesting idea.

Obviously there are parking issues in just about every major city, so it makes pretty good sense to open a marketplace where people can buy and sell extra parking spaces at your house, your complex parking garage, or at your companies parking lot.

If you check out the website, which seems to be one of the major leaders in the U.K., you will see how well the idea is working out. Just by searching through different cities you quickly come across tens and hundreds of spots listed for rent. You can rent parking spaces for anywhere between 60-500 euros or $90-$775 per month! Their website says that they currently have more than 3,500 registered users and 5000+ advertised spaces.

The founder of the company is only 28 years old, which is great to hear, and started the compay after being tired of paying high parking costs when going to work and also after having his car dented and dinged many times by people throwing their doors open. So, he decided to searc elsewhere for parking.

“I knocked on some doors and found somebody happy for me to park there and then had the ideas of making a business out of it.”


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