Creative Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

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keep calm stay motivatedSometimes it feels like the working day is never truly done; you stagnate at your desk over a never-ending to-do list, and keeping motivated can become a real struggle. We’ve all been there; the buzz from your morning coffee’s wearing off and you can’t stop wondering when it’s going to be lunchtime, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. There are plenty of creative ways to break out of the monotony of the average working day and keep yourself motivated until quitting time. Here are just some of the ways you can work to get everything done.

Change of Scenery

Repetition and routine can be very useful, but it can also lead to stagnation. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery in order to revitalize yourself and start feeling productive again. If you’re sick of staring at the same four walls, it’s not surprising that you’re struggling to stay motivated.

So, why not try and find an alternative space to work in, whether it be working from home for the day, or simply finding yourself a nook in a cozy coffee shop nearby? It may be the shot in the arm you were looking for.

Disconnect (Within Reason)

We appreciate that, depending on the nature of your work, it may not be possible to do this completely, but it’s always amazing to step back and think about how much inbound communication we deal with in an average day in the office. Calls and emails can take up a huge amount of time as well as having an unfortunate tendency to break our workflow.

So, limit the amount of time you deal with admin and stop checking your email every few minutes. It’ll improve your focus immeasurably.

Set Achievable Goals

Sometimes the size of your workload is enough to kill any motivation you may have had. It’s natural to get overwhelmed and more often than not it just makes things worse, so the best thing to do is to break your work into more manageable chunks.

If you have break up your work into several, reachable goals instead of viewing it as one unconquerable pile, you’ll find that you stay motivated for longer, and you end up with a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Take a Break

It sounds obvious, but many hardworking people up forgoing their entitled breaks in an effort to try and get everything done. Of course, constantly working leads to dips in energy which often brings productivity to a halt.

So, take your breaks and use them wisely. Step away from the computer, take some time to read a book, do a puzzle or simply go out for some fresh air. You’ll be refreshed when you return to your computer.


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