Deciding on A Shipping Company for Your Small Business

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You needn’t be a large corporation that ships millions of packages a year in order to have a choice in shipping services. Depending on the amount of business you generate, you can shop around for a freight company that offers flexibility in its level of service and rates.

There are several things to consider when looking for a shipping company for your small to medium-sized business. Some of these considerations are:

Shipping location
Shipping time and date
Package size and weight
Fees and insurance cost
Extra services such as door-to-door delivery and online tracking

Depending on the volume of shipments your business generates, there’s some room for negotiation in shipping charges. Generally, many shipping providers offer discounted rates on bulk delivery of certain items or for companies that ship large amounts of merchandise on a regular basis.

When looking for a freight service you should also review their shipping guidelines. Some carriers are very specific about the types of packing materials they’ll allow, shipping labels, and even how the package is secured. Many companies provide packing materials for a small fee, or you can shop around for the best deal on approved supplies.

Extra services provide benefits for small businesses. Find out about flat-rate shipping, special rates for shipping media such as books and video, package pick-up directly from your home or business and other amenities that offer convenience and save time and money.

A business needn’t choose just one provider. Offering a range of options allows your customers to pick the delivery method that’s best for them. This not only creates good will from your customers, it can also help you to negotiate better rates among carriers whose services you use. Competition and variety are good for business in many ways.

A logistics company such as Worldwide express can do a lot of the sorting for you. Companies such as these contract with a variety of shipping companies as service resellers. This means that their representatives can search through their database of service providers to find the shipping option that is best for the needs of your business and budget.

Sometimes businesses prefer to work with one company over another on ethical grounds. If a business owner is passionate about the environment or community involvement, sometimes they’ll feel more comfortable doing business with someone who shares their values. David Kiger founder of Worldwide Express is an example of a CEO who knows how to combine exemplary customer service with a concern for the community at large. Customers respond well to corporations of any size when they feel a kinship between the ideals of the company and their own.

A company that consistently provides a high standard of services and products can cement consumer loyalty and respect by supporting charitable causes and showing genuine concern for the welfare of the public and the sustainability of the environment. Reading about a company online is one way to find out where they stand on issues that important to you, as well as to compare essential services and rates. You can either go directly to the company’s website, or you can use consumer reviews and customer ratings as a guide. There are many consumer services located online that are free to use and provide objective information for the benefit of the public.

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