Dorm Room Safety Is Essential to Not Lose Your Goods!

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Now that classes are back in session, you can never be too safe! The safety of your valuables in your dorm room should certainly be one of your top priorities. Next going to class and hanging out with your friends of course! When I was living in the dorms, we would often leave the door unlocked while off at class or around campus and not think anything of it. Yet some others who would also leave their doors unlocked had many things stolen from their rooms including computers, tv’s, and DVDs.

Now, getting a dorm safe from our friends at won’t protect your TV, but could certainly protect your laptop, jewelry, cash, and other important items. Locking your door should always be your first step to dorm room security but the peace of mind of having your laptop locked up and tethered to your furniture sure is nice if you are going to be gone all day, for a weekend, or during Spring Break.

When you think of personal, small-sized safes, Sentry and First Alert are usually the brand names that come to mind right away. They offer a number of different sizes from fitting 17 inch laptops to safes up to 1.00 cubic foot to lock up your valuables. The laptop safes are small and sleek allowing your to store them anywhere – some will even fit in your desk drawer!

I know what you are thinking though – what a pain in the rear to lock your computer up every time your leave your room. Well, if you want an alternative from standard dorm safes, consider a security cable and lock. I knew someone who had just gotten a Dell laptop and a security cable for it. He usually kept the cable attached to the laptop and the cable attached to one of the posts on his bed. One day he left the laptop unconnected from the cable and it was stolen. Talk about bad luck!

Obviously having the cable won’t protect you unless you use it, so being mindful and careful with your expensive items in your dorm room is super important to keep in mind. I know I sure wouldn’t want to have made the call home to tell my parents that someone had stolen my laptop right out of my room. Consider protecting yourself and checking out the different type of dorm safes, security cables, and other resources available to keep everything where it belongs – in your room.

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