Guide to Biometric Time Keeping Systems

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Biometrics refers to the use of facial recognition software or fingerprints to identify a person. Biometrics, in the form of fingerprinting, has been used for years to positively identify persons involved in a crime. This technology is now rapidly growing to verify identity in private sectors. Consumer-focused entities harness this technology for more everyday applications, such as for mobile-based banking, smartphone security and time-keeping. Biometric timekeeping systems are a solution businesses are increasingly implemented to save businesses money, time and hassle. You may be considering using a biometric system for time-tracking and payroll. Here are just a few of the many benefits biometric systems provide.

Reduces Theft

Biometric time keeping systems eliminate time theft. They prevent employees from buddy punching, or one employee punching in for another when that other employee is not actually at work. There are no other means of measuring a person’s identity that is more accurate. By identifying the individual by distinctive, measurable characteristics, such as facial recognition or fingerprints, biometric time clocks invalidate punches that do not match data already recorded. PINs or passwords are not reliable ways of verifying identity. These can easily be shared and replicated. As biometric identifiers are unique to individuals, employees must make their own punch. Biometric-Fingerprint-Time-Clock-300x225


Biometric systems are environmentally friendly. They allow the paperless recording of time. In addition, most can be integrated with payroll systems. This eliminates the need for printing or faxing over timesheets. Cloud-based time cards are a secure, sustainable office solution that eliminates the need for paper time cards. Utilizing a biometric system allows you to promote your business as eco-friendly.

Saves Money

An automated time and attendance system using biometrics to record time reduces costs associated with using office supplies, printers, faxes and copiers. In addition, a biometric system reduces time spent on payroll, increases efficiency and eliminates human errors. These factors also decrease labor costs. Choosing a biometric time keeping system with cloud-based software can help streamline operations management and enhance savings even more.

As technology improves, more and more employers are trading in their manual time attendance systems for automated time keeping systems. With all the benefits to consider, biometric time keeping systems are ideal ways for small and large businesses to track their employees’ time.

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