Hope you had a good April Fool’s day!

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So, I sold….

APRIL FOOL’S! I’m still here and no, I did not sell Dorm Room Biz. Although…I would entertain any that may come in if you were interested in purchasing the site.

Anyway, now that the cat is out of the bag, let’s move on. This was the fist year I actually went full in on a April Fool’s prank on the blog and the results came out as I expected. Most people fell for it. Most people commented on Twitter about it and passed along their congratulations, and a comment came through on the blog too. Only one person thought that it wasn’t a real post, so congrats to them.

April Fool’s pranks are pretty prevalent on the internet and blogs these days. The big names like Shoemoney and John Chow have their pranks as well as many small bloggers like me. So I hope you didn’t necessarily believe everything that you read yesterday.

If you are interested in following me over at www.chrispund.com, please do. At the very least subscribe to the RSS feed and follow any updates that I put up on there. I’ve installed a new theme from WooThemes which I’ve also started playing with and customizing. At www.chrispund.com I’ll be blogging about just about anything as well as entrepreneurship, leadership, and more. So definitely check it out!

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