Radford University Holds Second Annual Entrepreneurial Summit, Oct 27-28

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A little over a year ago, I was blogging a lot about the Entrepreneurial Summit that I was planning at Radford University. Well, it is happening again! I know I am a little late on putting this out there, but here is the information for it anyway.

I laid a good enough foundation with my planning efforts and ability to get people involved that this years will definitely be better than last and I hope that trend continues year after year. I plan on going back for the summit as long as it continues. It’s almost like a Homecoming, right? I mean this is about the same time that most schools have their Homecoming.

If you are in the Radford, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, or Roanoke area on Monday or Tuesday, then I STRONGLY encourage you to try to attend the Summit at Radford University. The event should be great. If you happen to go – get at me via Twitter @chrispund and we can meet up.

Here are the details from the RU press release that went out yesterday:

RU Hosts Second Annual Entrepreneurial Summit,
Popular Elevator Pitch Competition Returns

RADFORD – Last year, Radford University students from a variety of majors gathered in Hurlburt Auditorium to participate in a highly spirited elevator pitch competition. The objective was to present a 90-second pitch to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. The winner of the competition, an interdisciplinary studies major whose innovative idea to sale ads on school buses in order to generate funds for the education system, walked away with a sizeable award. This year, the popular event returns as part of the second annual Entrepreneurial Summit.

The summit, which is hosted by SunTrust, RU’s College of Business and Economics, and RU Collegiate Entrepreneurs, will be held Monday, Oct. 27-Tuesday, Oct. 28. The mission of the summit is to provide entrepreneurial-minded students the ability to learn from successful executives and entrepreneurs.


On Tuesday, Oct. 28, workshop presentations will feature Angela Drummond, Juanita Thornton, Beverly Walters and John Signorello. Brian Patrick Cork, a 1984 RU graduate who was recently named among 2008 Catalyst Top 25 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, will be the keynote speaker as part of the SunTrust Distinguished Speaker Series during Tuesday’s luncheon. A limited number of seats are available for the event. To learn more, contact Mary Weeks at mweeks@radford.edu or 831-5382, or email rumba@radford.edu

To read the full press release and see the full run down of speakers visit the full press release here. You can also see more details at the ES website, http://www.entrepreneurialsummit.com.

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2 Responses to Radford University Holds Second Annual Entrepreneurial Summit, Oct 27-28

  1. Sophie October 24, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    wow that is quite cool. Maybe I should do something like this at my college? I’m sure there must be lots of like minded people out there!

  2. Chris October 24, 2008 at 1:30 pm #

    Sophie – anything of this sorts is a great event to plan on campus. If you have the funds to do it you can either plan it yourself (like I did from start to finish) or you can link up with someone like Michael Simmons and The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (www.extremee.org) and have them put it on.

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