RSS Readers Slowing Productivity?

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Over the weekend I was thinking about what I spend my time on at “work” or my internship rather. My day is semi comprised of worthless meetings that I go to with my supervisor and then some actual work. However, in between meetings, lunch, and working, there are a few things that slow down my productivity…and I can imagine it does the same for many others- my RSS feed reader.  

Now the problem is likely easy to solve…I keep my Google Reader window open all day. If I close it and attempt to limit myself to the number of times that I open it, problem solved, however, it is not that easy I tell you, it’s addicting!

During writing this much of this post, I have already checked it twice to see if anything new came in. I do this constantly…and of course as soon as something does pop up I check it out and read it.  Even as new posts may slowly trickle in, my productivity drops way down. There is an obvious correlation between the posts in my reader and productivity:

As you can tell, productivity drops pretty steadily as the number of posts increases.  How does keeping up with your feeds affect your productivity? Does it make it worse? Better even? What is your strategy for staying productive at work? Keep it closed? Check it every couple hours? Only when you get home? Once a week?  What works?

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